harO! blogging from alameda, CA!

i havent done this in awhile... staying up late on a sat night to do some work while listening to music. yes im on vacation, but no the work doesn't stop. im feeling good tho, toured some mayan pyramids in mexico this week, snorkeled with tropical fish (a barracuda almost ate me), and spent a good part of today people watching at cafe strada, berkeley - i can still feel the top dog and sushi house in my stomach.

tonight im at alice's parent's place contemplating what to do with my life. man sometimes it feels like everyone has got it figured out. i think i was supposed to figure shit out in college, but i missed that train. now playing big-time catch-up. doubt is slow poison, gumming down your momentum. i strongly believe without direction you are traveling nowhere fast. i need to really figure out what i want for myself. to whoever is reading this: do you truly know what drives you?

anyways enough of the serious stuff, here's my metacritic update of what albums ive been listening to (some are old but all are recommended):

We Stain Porcelain - First Flush Compilation
8Ball & MJG - Comin Out Hard
John Mayer - Continuum
John Legend - Once Again
The Game - Doctor's Advocate
The Game - The Documentary
Ghostface - Fishscale
Snow Patrol - Final Straw
The Roots - Game Theory
Ne-yo - In My Own Words
Gangstarr - Moment of Truth
J5 - Feedback
UNKLE - Psyence Fiction
Biggie - Ready to Die
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
Alicia Keys - Songs in A Minor / Diary of Alicia Keys
De La Soul - Best Of
Fergie - Dutchess
Mariah - Emancipation of Mimi
Cappadonna - The Pillage

current video games: wii sports, lost planet
current books: first 50 days (michael watkins), cyberpunk anthology, tipping point, 300, batman: hush vol2, catch-22, guns germs & steel (jared diamond)
current TV: man vs. wild, planet earth
current westside eats: yashima, kinchan's, il sole, neptune's net, paradise cove, enzo's, pinkberry, tito's tacos

this is stanley on vacation - signing off.

human behavior is unpredictable - too many variables.
systems are put in place to manage human behavior.
management is needed to organize and steer the productive direction of society.
organization is required by those who wish to control and influence that direction.

the result? a convoluted super spiderweb-matrixed bureaucracy everywhere you turn. i've realized im adding to this!


haro! i am blog from cancun mexico! (aka how everything i learned from desperado is wrong)


i cant believe its 420. the last thing i remember clearly is winter break and that was like 5 months ago. wtf happened in between?? its been a blur, how scary that i have no idea how i got here. im still not unpacked at the new apt, was gonna use my vacation time to do it but thats gonna have to wait. its going to be summer before i know it and the one year mark since KGI graduation... WHAT A YEAR! i cant wait for the summer - the weather & beaches are gonna be awesome.


taking some time off next week - will be in mexico and the bay.


virginia tech is the new columbine, except this time the shooter was asian.

what does this mean for asian americans? this dumbass probably set us back another 50 yrs. im wondering if this is a tipping point. will north korea animosity + china rising + virginia tech translate into a new climate of hate for asians? or have we actually made progress by breaking through the model minority stereotype with this incident?

perhaps america is still too busy grasping with middle eastern racial profiling to bother with this, or perhaps its about time someone else became the scapegoat for america's problems. although i think ive found my position on gun control, im just more confused about everything else.


i left my heart in san francisco (again).

it was a really great trip. worked alot, had alot of fun. saw some old friends. great weather, rode a trolley for the first time. and realized how lucky i am to be living out what i couldnt have dreampt up a year ago. i really wouldnt mind moving back to the bay, the city is admittedly better than west LA at this oh-so-humble moment because i miss it. the sense of independence is liberating: no family around, not that many friends, a whole new landscape, blank slate, start clean - no expectations - just myself and an undefined road in front of me waiting to get trailblazed without external influence. suddenly LA feels stifling.

(Stanley gets into a yellow cab with middle eastern hippie/rastafarian driver)
driver: living in an urban setting, you learn to be theatrical
me: yeah everyone's playing a part huh
driver: your homebase is LA?
me: you tell me...

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