"The life that burns twice as bright, burns half as long." - Eldon Tyrell (Blade Runner)

late night contemplation:
Amanda Ghost - Silver Lining
Smashing Pumpkins - Try Try Try
Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise

There are those who hold on to the past too much, and then there are others who don't hold on enough.


"... called the residency, they been watchin' new JET LI flicks and didn't even bother to get me..." - chops (Mountain Brothers - Things To Do)

Top 5 Jet Li Flicks
1. Once Upon a Time in China I
2. Fist of Legend
3. Tai Chi Master
4. Lethal Weapon 4
5. Romeo Must Die
*los played consultant

i know im missing something here, i gotta go back and re-watch fong sai yuk

Damn I can feel it, get ready for some negativity. Youz about to find out just how pessimistic Stan can really get.

Live today, die tomorrow.
Live today, die another day.


flirting with los, my long lost roomate:

car LOCO 6 9: sup gaynessesian
naryantek: sup homo-fagsapien
car LOCO 6 9: sup queerballian
naryantek: sup gaymo
car LOCO 6 9: sup fairydancitorius
car LOCO 6 9: sup fudgepackagorian
naryantek: sup sugar plum fairy
car LOCO 6 9: sup dykemasteris
naryantek: sup big black african
car LOCO 6 9: sup chinese pimple juice sucker
naryantek: sup filipino banana man
car LOCO 6 9: sup mushroom eating ass picker
naryantek: sup yo-yo riding wuomek

*this conversation does not in any way represent my true opinions on homosexuality (although los meant every last word! the little mek...)

I'm not sure how or why, but I've liked electronic music ever since elementary school. Actually it was probably more house in the beginning but I couldn't tell the difference back then. Anyways the house wasn't as cheesy as it is now. Check 92.7 FM for house music that's so cheesy it must've been imported from Wisconsin. Or for an alternative high calorie breakbeat diet, check out:
the wiseguys (UK)
the crystal method (glendale, CA)
the dub pistols (UK)
fatboy slim (UK)
uberzone (anaheim, CA)
the prodigy (UK)
propellerheads (UK)

for trip hop (ask me about trip hop if you don't know what it is), check out:
baby fox

these guys are more ambient than breakbeat (except chemical brothers), but they got my respect nonetheless:
chemical brothers
future sound of london

None of this is that crappy wannabe trance shit you hear everywhere now just cuz raving exploded in the last couple years while it was popular 10 years ago in Europe. That's right the UK is at least a decade ahead of the US in most areas of electronic music, but I ain't trippin, not all trance is bad. Anyways this topic was random but I was looking for old stuff to post and I stumbled across my old profile with all these bands listed.

I also gotta give a shout out to Rage Against the Machine cuz they are the fucking SHIT! and cuz Tom Morello did like half of Tweekend with Crystal Method.


I must be really bored to be doing this, but I was semi-inspired by how much I learned about George from his blogger, so I'll give it a try. Don't expect wisdom from me, although it will probably be full of Stanley-isms. It will most likely start out as a repository for all my strange AIM away messages and we'll see where it goes from there. Here is an old school one from about a year ago:

what ppl call me:
1. my roomates: stan
2. tonger: leemur
3. friends back home: stan
4. steve: whats the plan stan the man
5. practical joker: stan the wo-man
6. mr. belcher: estanele
7. tao: mr. lee, wdup BIZZLE!
8. alice: baby
9. parents: bao bao
10. my black cousin: tsu-hau
11. mike park: eazy lee, lee-40
12. eric: mr. stan man, bring me a dream
13. wilson: what you doing
14. dave: yoda
15. ah d: guh
16. tinizzle: stanizzle
17. acquaintances: stanley.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
print ("Hello, world!\n");

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