CA r LOCO 6 9: EH
CA r LOCO 6 9: check out this body
naryantek: yeah
CA r LOCO 6 9: http://us.imdb.com/EGallery?source=granitz&group=1493&photo=
naryantek: please
CA r LOCO 6 9: shut up
naryantek: i dont wanna check him out dude
CA r LOCO 6 9: you know he's fine
CA r LOCO 6 9: you know you lookin' at him
naryantek: no seriously
naryantek: im not
CA r LOCO 6 9: i know you wanna ask me for more pics
naryantek: no seriously i dont want more
CA r LOCO 6 9: fine
naryantek: dude
naryantek: i know u have more stashed away
CA r LOCO 6 9: i ain't denying it
CA r LOCO 6 9: hahahha
naryantek: gooood
naryantek: u damn homo
naryantek: what is yale doing to you
CA r LOCO 6 9: nigga
CA r LOCO 6 9: i always been like this
naryantek: um
naryantek: los dude
naryantek: i always knew!
naryantek: hahaha
CA r LOCO 6 9: i know you did
naryantek: haha ive been milking you this entire time for more homogayness tendencies
naryantek: your blog ass is fried BITCH. watch me.
CA r LOCO 6 9: doh
CA r LOCO 6 9: i keep forgetting we're at war
CA r LOCO 6 9: your best friend can be your most homosexual enemy
CA r LOCO 6 9: why you gotsta to prey on a nigga who ain't had play in over 80 days?
CA r LOCO 6 9: cheapo!
naryantek: HAHAHAHAHA
naryantek: omg can i include that last line
CA r LOCO 6 9: hahhaa be my guest
naryantek: it might actually make ppl sympathize with you
CA r LOCO 6 9: "aww he's so cute"
CA r LOCO 6 9: WUT!
naryantek: damn this is no fun
naryantek: its too easy now
naryantek: like wehen eminem dogs on himself before the other dude can
CA r LOCO 6 9: i know, like i said
CA r LOCO 6 9: how you gonna make homo-war on a man who's come to terms with his faghagness?
CA r LOCO 6 9: give up, biatch - accept defeat
naryantek: damn this sucks
naryantek: blog wars over then
CA r LOCO 6 9: hahahHahhahAHha VICTORY!

favorite thematic elements that compel me, that I will always look for in any work of art:
1. the duality of man - the eternal struggle of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, self vs. self, logic vs. instinct, civilized vs. primal
2. the insignificance of man - power vs. helplessness, man vs. nature, man humbled in attempts to play God, the hopelessness of human existence

As we vacillate between heaven and sin.
We all must, confront the darkness within.

another wispy saturday afternoon.

Drawn to the violence of change
Charmed by the sentimental brave
I hear the door slam
I look the other way
I hate the small talk and the empty days

Silver Lining
I bathe in your light
I'll always believe in your place in my life
Silver Lining
I know that I'm right
I'll always believe in your right to shine

Scared of the things that people say
Knowing my confidence might fail
I feel the worlds weight upon my breaking back
I see uncertainty and the visible cracks

-Amanda Ghost (Silver Lining)

Couldn't sleep again last night. This is getting really annoying. I think aliens jacked my hypothalamus for experiments.


Time is ticking away.
My fingers, torn raw, claw frantically.
Time stops for no man.
The jagged edges of my fingers extend.
Towards infinity.
Like gnarled roots searching for water.
Tick. Tick.
I am suffocating, not much time left.
The hand jerks in frustration.
Matched by a wildness in my eyes.
As I slowly realize the impending.
I don't know if I'll make it...

The palm of my hand slaps the snooze button on the alarm clock.
AHHHhhhh... 5 more minutes of sleep.

Somebody stop Bush, he's a war-mongering madman. WTF is he doing? He's gonna get us attacked again, AND the economy is still shit, AND he's perpetuating the world view of an overbearing US.

I can't fall asleep again. I've been rolling around in bed for the past 2 hours. I've been having trouble sleeping for the past 2 weeks. This is my cry for help.


why is berkeley depressing?

r o m e o 2282: damn its raining
r o m e o 2282: hasnt rained for a while
naryantek: great
naryantek: now its never gonna stop



CA r LOCO 6 9: who do you think would win
CA r LOCO 6 9: vin diesel vs. ving rhames
naryantek: diesel fool
CA r LOCO 6 9: no way!
CA r LOCO 6 9: did you say baby boy faggot?
CA r LOCO 6 9: OMG
CA r LOCO 6 9: he's BUTT NAKED in baby boy, he has a PERFECT SIX PACK
CA r LOCO 6 9: they look like BALLOONS
CA r LOCO 6 9: there is not an ounce of fat on his body
CA r LOCO 6 9: his pecks look like helium balloons
CA r LOCO 6 9: and his abs look like those kiddy balloons
CA r LOCO 6 9: he has the most impressive body i've seen tho
CA r LOCO 6 9: you only know when he's butt naked
CA r LOCO 6 9: and he has "50 niggaz" tatted on his chest
naryantek: ok stop before u incriminate yourself
CA r LOCO 6 9: hahahhah too late fool
naryantek: alright this shits getting posted
naryantek: fool watch how gay i can make u sond
CA r LOCO 6 9: hahahhaha
CA r LOCO 6 9: you can't use that against me anymore
CA r LOCO 6 9: i've already come to grips with my faghagness
CA r LOCO 6 9: i embrace homosexuality, BIATCH
CA r LOCO 6 9: WUT
naryantek: yo dude
naryantek: whats your cell number again
CA r LOCO 6 9: 203 887 3147
CA r LOCO 6 9: EH
CA r LOCO 6 9: why you need my number BIATCH
CA r LOCO 6 9: EH

check back here and at los' blog for more blog war updates.

anatomy of a playlist:
Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime <---- full helping of rap
Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (Remix)
Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out
A+ - Enjoy Yourself
Above the Law - Supaman
Crystal Method & Prodigy - Sidewinder <---- raw electronic energy
Connie - Funky Little Beat <---- old school breakbeat
Da Brat & T-Boz - Ghetto Love <---- trash R&B indulgence
Beck - Devil's Haircut <---- Anand Shah influence
Beck - New Pollution
Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing <---- fruity Alice influence

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