foona ils: yeah, you always know when los is talking to jade on the phone...cuz his voice all hella changes and stuff.
foona ils: and then when he ends it, his voice gets all low and soft, and says, "i love you too."
foona ils: HAHAH
naryantek: HAHHAHAHAHAa
foona ils: dave calls him faglos
foona ils: cuz every other time he answers the phone, he goes, "YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
foona ils: but if it's jade, he says, "hi"


What does it mean to be Chinese in 2002?

"We do not know the actual other person. What we know is the sum of everything we think we know about them." - Roger Ebert (Solaris)


What if you saw the world from a midget's point of view?
Would you be cynical at the curveball God threw you?


A good beating once in a while is good for any of us.

Steve Chiang referring to himself in the 3rd person:

Man he must be a good-looking, buff, dope, OG, drug slanging, gang banging, mother banging, dai-lo training, grape juice staining, mafia pertaining, cocaine refraining, philosophy explaining, big nuts retaining, highest point consummating, speech declaming, chronic blazing, guk decimated, palliating, West-side deprecating, plane flight delaying, two wheel planing, Siskel and Ebert rating, woman baiting, Friday night fading, sublimating, police incarcerating, monkey spanking, officiating, menstrating, self placating, Spring season mating, wet girl jading, watching claiming, newborn naming, half moon waning, last day insaning THUG CALLED Chiang Wei-Ning!

lifted verbatim from my junior year high school yearbook.
june 1998.

a theological discussion with pops last night prompted independent research:

Buddhism - Major Differences From Other Religions
1. There is no almighty God in Buddhism. There is no one to hand out rewards or punishments on a supposedly Judgement Day.
2. Buddhism is strictly not a religion in the context of being a faith and worship owing allegiance to a supernatural being.
3. No saviour concept in Buddhism. A Buddha is not a saviour who saves others by his personal salvation. Although a Buddhist seeks refuge in the Buddha as his incomparable guide who indicates the path of purity, he makes no servile surrender. A Buddhist does not think that he can gain purity merely by seeking refuge in the Buddha or by mere faith in Him. It is not within the power of a Buddha to wash away the impurities of others
4. A Buddha is not an incarnation of a god/God (as claimed by some Hindu followers). The relationship between a Buddha and his disciples and followers is that of a teacher and student.
5. The liberation of self is the responsibility of one's own self. Buddhism does not call for an unquestionable blind faith by all Buddhist followers. It places heavy emphasis on self-reliance, self discipline and individual striving.

homeboy idiocy/comedy on display:

"Tupac's mom must have been a chess player.....'even though you was a crack fiend, mama/ you always was a black queen, mama!'" - Steve Chiang

sleepyx637: hows da program?
naryantek: gay
sleepyx637: nice
sleepyx637: as gay as carlos?
naryantek: almost.
naryantek: almost.
sleepyx637: haha
naryantek: but hes a lil flamier than we've ever imagined
sleepyx637: lol

shoutcast shared:




I'm stupid in that I don't believe in tact or diplomacy the same way I don't believe in umbrellas.


Days turn into years.
"A" students turn into dropouts.
Seeing the world from a creative angle turns into seeing it from a couch.
Orgasms become lifetimes.
Bong hits turn into white lines
A face becomes a dartboard and cardboard becomes a house.
Boys turn into men.
Enemies become your friends
Losing turns into winning and the beginning becomes the end.
Words turn into magic.
Rewind becomes a habit
Rabbits become vultures and cultures become trends.
A party becomes a funeral.
Sunlight turns into cancer
The rain turns beautiful.
An unusual question becomes an answer.
Happiness becomes a cataract.
A sip turns into a six-pack
And Earth turns into Mars as my album becomes a standard.
A hero becomes a statistic.
A lost soul enlisted.
The potholes are lifted as the hot coals leave you blistered.
A sickness becomes a teardrop.
A cup of coffee becomes a long day
Your best friend's guidance becomes the wrong way.
As the song plays my voice becomes the past, present, and future.
Transportation becomes pollution as humans become computers.
Time becomes space.
Minds become waste.
And a person becomes less interested when a mic becomes an instrument.
An age turns into a nightmare.
Love becomes hate.
The nine becomes a zero and every country becomes one state.
All you thought you knew was just a foolish assumption.
Yes, everything is something.
But something is nothing

-Eyedea (Void - External Theory)


coming a full circle:

naryantek: damn 3 years ago, we went to moa's with jaako n steve n breakdanced in the street
Hi I Am Pinoy: haha wtf
Hi I Am Pinoy: where did that come from?
Hi I Am Pinoy: that's weird tho
naryantek: cuz neil's just chilln cuz he cant concentrate cuz its almost thanksgiving
naryantek: and i remember right before thanksgiving freshman year, neither could i, and alpha told us to go out n party
Hi I Am Pinoy: yeah i do remember - neil is at that point
Hi I Am Pinoy: that's crazy
naryantek: yup
Hi I Am Pinoy: that was a longass time ago
Hi I Am Pinoy: at this point you still thought i was a faggot
naryantek: after you came back from yale, i think i have to go back to my original opinion
naryantek: hahaha
naryantek: u know im jus playin ladies
Hi I Am Pinoy: hahahhahahhaha
Hi I Am Pinoy: i'm just playin' america, you know i luvvvv u
naryantek: lol


"I always leave one bullet, either for myself or for my enemy." - Jeffrey (John Woo's 'The Killer')

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