I can now say my car has nice racks yo.

I'm here, but I'm living in a different time zone. It's pathetic, but it's the closest I'll ever get to time traveling outside of Calvin & Hobbes' cardboard box.

Life is full of surprises.

To: Alice, Ryan, Jeff, JM, Neil, Steve, Danny, Vic, rome, los, Ben, my brother, Kevin, Jeugenum, Joe, Jon, George, Grace, kangta, Calvin, Calvin's gf, Emily, Mel, Steph, Steph's bf, Karen, Yena, and a special guest appearance by the Hobbit & Co.

Thanks guys.


Does everyone still remember the time I busted one of my first all-nighters in the dorms for that chem test and started randomly leaving hard boiled eggs in people's shoes, desks, wallets, and tabletops? I think I'm pretty close to that right now. It's 10:31am and I've been at the library since 5:30pm yesterday, this must be some kind of new record.



why girls are evil.

allyp0o: but its dangerous
naryantek: ughh
naryantek: anoher reason why it sucks to be a girl
allyp0o: yup
allyp0o: but girls have the power of the "little asian girl" effect
allyp0o: and can get their way remember?
allyp0o: hahahahahaha

(complete with evil villian laugh)


foona ils: http://www.xqsite.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=PostWrap&file=index&page=indexwrap.html

foona ils: ddr for you fingers. :-)

more AIM freestyle:

kurupt27ls: dont retort, dont even bother
kurupt27ls: cuz im your one and only father
kurupt27ls: the vader, the hater, the jedi masturbater


i find out my younger brother is a porn king.

h y p a S P EE D: i got some tera patrick now too
h y p a S P EE D: hahaha
kurupt27ls: bleh, shes old news
h y p a S P EE D: 16 hot new movies
h y p a S P EE D: hahah
h y p a S P EE D: thats not old news

finals, graduation, job hunting, not enough sex... takes its toll on dave...

kurupt27ls: you dont have to say...what you did...i already know...i heard it from HIIIIIMMMM
naryantek: ??
kurupt27ls: im justin timberlake
naryantek: U FAG
naryantek: wait
naryantek: but u bang britney
naryantek: good job my son
kurupt27ls: used to bang brittney
kurupt27ls: past tense
naryantek: damn your badass yo, u fucked n chucked britney spears, kicked that ho to the curb
kurupt27ls: shit u noe
kurupt27ls: now im trying to hit christina
naryantek: oh u mean your macking on your fellow nsync members? roight...
kurupt27ls: like thats news nigga
kurupt27ls: ive been the caboose since we got together

for those who have access to carlos' blog, you can skip this:

CA r LOCO 6 9: just watched the original planet of the apes
CA r LOCO 6 9: i like it how charleton heston (the humans are mute in this movie except him) bring his fine ass babe around
CA r LOCO 6 9: but she's a primitive mute, can't talk
peterlsb: primitive woman my ass
peterlsb: she's the most advanced one yet



Dr Ungke Nmunkee: im a big geek and i can not lie.
naryantek: u yellow brothers cant deny
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: when stanley walks in with his itty bitty eyes and
naryantek: and starts rapping like mase
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: those syllables dont fit
naryantek: steve, danny, n druggie like to get lit
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: 'cuz those suckas ain't up ta sh...
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: and i attack with wit and my sick kit full of GIT
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: down
naryantek: to the new funky sound
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: in this smelly urban town
naryantek: steve n stan u know we comin around
naryantek: like tupac
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: yo momma's mounds
naryantek: as i drink a beer but gain 40 pounds
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: i'll astound you with the lyrical oh-mega pound while you sit and frown i compound these rhymes
naryantek: what u want from u damn bum, i aint got nickels or no dimes
naryantek: i hit u so hard u wont be seeing stars, youll be hearing chimes
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: that's pretty clever
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: like when your aunt and grandma get together
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: to dress in leather
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: stacking feathers in their hat
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: how's the weather in your fat?
naryantek: here, go suck on this lime, while i go get my bat
naryantek: to attack, the bad rap, and mack on your mommy while she whacks
naryantek: and then i get her in the sack
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: and hit her in the back
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: and like your skills, i lack
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: the proper knack for such whacked attacks
naryantek: cuz ur rhymes got some zest but aint OG like my sac
naryantek: get up and watch this fool on the corner get jacked
naryantek: by me, as i breeze, and freeze, while eating hot carrots n peas
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: smokin' on the c's and watching out for the f's b's eyes.
naryantek: hey hey thats pretty sly, so lemme fly n cry but not say bye bye if i hope this rhyme to die
naryantek: id lie n then sigh my cuz no ones around to help me noose my tie
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: sorry, guy, but your rhyme will die as if alibi were not a lie
naryantek: but wait, if u let me finish ill have your homeboyz eatin green eggs n rye
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: so sigh more, buy whores, tie stores and cry your lore
naryantek: lore who, lore what, lord of the rings with frodo up your butt
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: stop it, 'cuz the hobbit is right here watchin' it
naryantek: oh man, then u gonna be gettin the chop like john wayne bobbit
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: alright, my peep, time for sleep
naryantek: after we done here, aiite im out, and ur wierd
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: so don't go weep in your 50 year old jeep
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: and you may leave your message at the sound of the BEEP
naryantek: yeah just dont leap, just cuz u lost to an old retarded heap like me
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: keep it in mind.
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: my sly rind.
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: it's time for this beast to say piece.
naryantek: actually i prefer pork rinds to chick grinds
Dr Ungke Nmunkee: piece.
naryantek: lates me nigga peace
Dr Ungke Nmunkee signed off at 10:59:06 PM.

WUO MAK CUO: like the blog
WUO MAK CUO: not enough wislom on there though

[baby got back]
im swamped n i cannot lie.
u other engineers cant deny.
when the finals roll in its like a fucking rat race.
and these projects in yo face.
you get sprung, wanna look up.
fuck, but ur library ass is stuck.
peepin these notes im starin.
im booked n i cant stop carin.
oh baby, i wanna sit witcha.
so we can study like bitches.
these EECS fools try to warn me.
'studying hard makes u so boring'.

either you love the humor or you hate it:

Jules0603: haha...tite song

redgirl512: OMG YOU ARE SO LAME
redgirl512: lamest lyrics EVER!!!

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