I have been back from Tokyo and Taipei for a couple days.

assumptions from the biased slice of Japanese microcosm that I experienced:
-weather surprisingly cold, think chicago
-if a car wasnt japanese, it was either an AMG Benz or a fixed up BMW, and every car has an LCD screen installed no matter how old it is
-toyota previas were fixed up complete with lip kits, fog lamps, spoilers, and racing stickers (yes the freaking family van)
-skylines come a dime a dozen
-they drive on the other side of the road
-everyone is dressed up all the time, even in the pouring rain the most popular outfit by far amongst girls our age was: skimpy-ass skirt, Fme boots, pea coat, dyed hair, and massive makeup
-younger generation japanese guys are really feminine and really short
-yet... their gfs cling onto their arms like crazy
-the electronics consumer market is overloaded
-they sell beer in vending machines!
-porn is everywhere, i saw schoolgirl trading cards at a 7-11, but i did not find the vending machines that sold them
-all cell phones can also take pictures
-toilets have contraptions that wash your ass for you, but when it misfires it washes the bathrooom floor instead
-bathroom mirrors are heated in the region directly in front of the sink so that part does not fog up when you get out of the shower
-shinjuku looks like something out of akira (otomo katsuhiro was not as original as i thought), stimuli/advertisement overload
-the most bizarre thing i saw: there is a street where high school girls hang out on sundays dressed up like halloween, complete with blood and gore all over their face, the point is to attract enough attention so that someone will ask them to take a picture together... weird
-the next most bizarre thing i saw was a japanese version of Low Rider magazine, complete with pictures of young japanese guys n girls dressed up as cholos n eses, we're talkin bout complete with the dickies, the locs, the flannels, and corn rows
-television commericals were extremely entertaining
-the country as a whole is very clean, very meticulous, very competitive... everyone strives for perfection, hence why i called it a microcosm

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