CA r LOCO 6 9: and i can't sleep right now cuz i had to turn all the lights on
CA r LOCO 6 9: cuz there might be monsters under my bed
CA r LOCO 6 9: you never know, you know

snowboarding = alive.


am i striking a disturbance? hold on, lemme call for backup
HT and amir are coming to fuck your track up
the names that spell fear, in all of berkeleys years
aint nobody more random enough to call cops on his own peers
and sleep with the balls hanging out, snoring with nuts swingin about
had to kick that fool the fuck out, for DTS's bullshit clout
and HTs bullshit mouth, that wouldnt stop to spout
lyrical nonsense, incense, trance dance, ascendance

(ran out of words to rhyme on the last line)


"An online journal is a narcissistic tool." - anonymous friend

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