William Gibson. Cody's Books. 7:30pm.

I was there.
I am now the proud owner of an autographed copy of "Pattern Recognition".


I watched the sun get swallowed by an endless body of water today.
And the skies bled red behind the Golden Gate Bridge.


william gibson will be at cody's books tomorrow evening.


"Thoughts come unbidden, the mind weaving its perspectives, assembling meaning from emotion and memory." - William Gibson (The Difference Engine)

having IMs sent to your cell fone is all fun n games until pete bombs you with 50 msgs and im checking my fone every 3 minutes in class.

please, dont abuse the cell fone AIM thing. send no more than 2-3 IMs at a time. it gets REALLY annoying.


allyp0o: smiegal wait for master


WUO MAK CUO: there's a famous piece called 4 minutes and 33 seconds
WUO MAK CUO: and they took a pianist... and didn't give him a piano
WUO MAK CUO: so the song was comprised of whatever sounds was recorded within the time the pianist was sitting there
naryantek: HAHHAHAHHAHHAha
naryantek: wf?!!
WUO MAK CUO: for 4 minutes and 33 seconds
WUO MAK CUO: like.. i guess if someone coughed or something.. that was part of the song

allyp0o: y u no talk?
allyp0o: master mad at smiegel?

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