i'd rather be...

1. snowboarding
2. reading comic books
3. reading pleasure books
4. drawing
5. playing video games
6. listening to music
7. drinking
8. spending time with gf
9. watching movies
10. watching anime
11. raving
12. hanging out with friends

Bioengineering makes it so hard to find time to do any of these. I've had it with this major.


lifted from david wang's away msg:

happy valentines day to my right hand. youve never let me down. and you always listen. what more can i ask for?

that's david wang:
21425 Fort Bowie Dr.
Walnut, CA 91789

yes i have nothing better to do.


communication is most important in a relationship:

naryantek: this is frosty requesting emergency evac from main stacks.
naryantek: over.
allyp0o: emergency evac
allyp0o: on its way
allyp0o: ten-four
allyp0o: leavin in approx. 5 min
allyp0o: destination: main stacks
allyp0o: over
naryantek: copy that

Gintsang: So bright.... sooooo beautiful.... ahhhhhhhh
Gintsang: precioussssssssss

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." - Narrator (Fight Club)


The message board is now online. Please feel free to leave me comments, even though I haven't written much to comment on lately. No reason to switch to Xanga now.

Daily life would be so much more efficient if you could cut away all the bullshit. I think we spend 90% of our energy sifting through the barrage of lies and useless information thats gets thrown at us from various people and the media.

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