The weather today was beautiful. I went down to the marina to watch people walk their dogs, take naps, and fish. It was hard to believe we are on the brink of war.

In high school, I couldn't wait to grow up. Now I am tired of it. Make it stop. I am trapped. The body ages faster than the mind. I'm not ready to be this cynical yet.


Jules0603 (3:11:40 AM): since justin is hot as hell

Auto response from naryantek (3:11:40 AM): ferry corsten - punk.

Jules0603 signed off at 3:32:09 AM.
Jules0603 signed on at 10:58:41 AM.
Jules0603 (11:24:31 AM): since justin timberlake...HOT as hell

Auto response from naryantek (11:24:31 AM): ferry corsten - punk.

Jules0603 signed off at 11:55:45 AM.


been haunted by ferry corsten ever since i saw him at 1015.

Plucking away loved ones will crumble even the most stubborn aetheists.


When you are about to die, will you wonder what ever happened to everyone you ever knew in your entire life.

garbage pail kids will kick the shit out of cabbage patch kids and all the other weak sauce pansy toys.

what would carlos do?

read wilson's xanga:


actually nevermind, ive just been informed that the wislomic one has gone underground with blogging and prefers blogspot:



Life. No guarantees, no promises.
Time. Futile search for foundation and meaning.
Love. A rock to pull through the transient.

kurupt27ls: i hate being right

Dave was right. I'm fucked.


If you find yourself reading blogs, you are as guilty as the next reality show watcher.


kurupt27ls: ahhh who u kidding
kurupt27ls: the glass is empty
kurupt27ls: life sucks
kurupt27ls: your fucked
kurupt27ls: and u aitn thanking shit

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