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the kid who ate too much candy = my greedy downloading.

more CDs to listen to!

Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions of Ghandi
Paul van Dyk - Reflections
Astral Projection - Another World
UNKLE - Never Never Land

if anybody is interested in trading, please leave a msg.


DMX - Gramp Champ
you know X really fell off hard when he has to rely on the obligatory 50 cent collabo track to add street cred to his album

more CDs currently under review (includes old CDs i have not caught up with):

Aphex Twin - Caustic Window
Cut Chemist - Rare Equations
DJ Shadow and Dan the Automater - Bombay the Hard Way
DJ Shadow - Funk Spectrum
UNKLE - Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats
Gangstarr - The Ownerz
Run DMC - Greatest Hits
The Roots - Phrenology
Zion I - Deep Water Slang


CD review.

(preliminary review of latest batch of mp3 albums - opinions may change on closer listenings)

DJ Shadow - La Route Du Rock [live]
sounds like a classic Shadow album, with thick creamy beats, dash of funk, and lots of scratching. another sound quilt built from scattered snippets of vinyl sketches.

DMX - Grand Champ
X has failed to duplicate his first 2 albums and has since veered pop while trying too hard to maintain his street cred, making his last 3 albums come off unnaturally, this album is meaty, but swizz beat puts in too many horns as usual.

Evanescence - Fallen
late in checking this out, im surprised by it. very tori amos meets linkin park and goth but it works ok. lead singer has some kind of weird voice, cant put my finger my finger on it but its semi-unique. for some reason winona ryder comes to mind.

Obie Trice - Cheers
i predict this to be a big hit with the mainstream hip hop lovers. bears trademark beat production by dre and em. basically sounds alot like the 50 album. you got your usual cameos by nate and 50. i can see radio stations pulling off alot of songs off this CD and overplaying them. solid enough to appreciate, but done for my taste.

Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do
very old CD, finally got my hands on more Richard D James material. this seems like the stuff ive been looking for. listen to this if you want to digitize your perception. intelligent electronica, with soft ambient background textures. not as experimental as drukqs, thank you.

Neptunes - Clones
maybe im no longer qualified to judge this kind of hip hop and R&B because of my biases. more mainstream radio fodder which will be forgotten by tomorrow. good track by snoop is already on the airwaves. the rest just fades from my memory. nothing new or special here.

Atmosphere - Sevens Travels
another Slug production. i havent listened to this enough yet to write anything. but its bound to be good.

Self Scientific - The Self Science
a quick listen, i can only say i was impressed by what i heard. this CD holds promise, and deserves more studying time.

Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary
in the process of trying to obtain. i heard one song on the radio and it was terrible. i expect the rest of the CD to also be terrible. i still respect Wes Borland, but i only liked their first CD the best (3 dollar bill ya'll).

Styles of Beyond - Megadef
trying to get the rest of the tracks. seems like it was hard to top their first CD, but this is different and not necessarily bad. not too thrilled by first single 'Mr. Brown'. but some tracks are still good. they said they changed their style cuz they older, wiser, and slower? wtf.

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