"DAVIS TERMINATED" - Daily Cal (front page)

No wonder the east coast laughs at us.


this blog has evolved alot since a year ago. i have evolved along with it. from paragraphs to one-liners. perhaps i am becoming a simpler man. perhaps i have less time. perhaps i assume anybody still left reading now since a year ago already knows some things about me, so i have less to reveal. or maybe nobody reads what i write. anyhow, this last year flew by, and i am reminded by jeff myung that i will be 23 years old in december. 23 is getting too close to 25 for my comfort. i gotta squeeze in all the immaturity i can in the next couple years before i become a boring adult who is a regular part of the working force. goddamn life is short. too $hort. wtf am i doing with my life... i think thats what i fall asleep to every single night. i just want to make a pile of money and use the rest of the time to enjoy myself. i hope it will rain money tomorrow. although the fortune cookie i got tonight at happy family told me the following: "expect the best, but prepare for the worst". i suppose a storm is coming.


drungken munk ee: i'm gonna roll now. i'll check you later like a procrastinating form-filler.
drungken munk ee signed off at 9:20:34 PM.

my witty friend, you are voltaire squared.

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