"OSAMA LOVES YOUR SUV." - bumper sticker on random Berkeley car I saw today


dagnar7: more like shoving a elephant into your anus

Auto response from naryantek: studying for EE is like trying to shove an elephant into my backpack.

thanhs right. when i took the test today it felt alot more like the elephant was raping me and not the backpack.


current toll of latest 12 hr battle with EE143:

1 ma-po tofu over rice
1 chinese soup
1 cup hot tea
thin film deposition module
2 fig newtons
1 bag french onion sun chips
3 phone calls to alice
1 bottle water
etching module
1 bag fruiti-Os
half a dozen cigarettes
nursing a 3 hour old sludge of what used to be a bianca mocha
greasy glasses
tendonitis returning in right wrist from repetitive writing
delerium setting in.

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