omg beverly hills cop is also a trilogy.


aphex twin - flim

a very relaxing song.


i hate berkeley. heres why.

[1] constantly reminded that im stupid = bad for self esteem
EE143 midterm 1 - mean: 65, SD: 15, my score: 52
EE143 midterm 2 - mean: 69, SD: 19, my score: 50

i studied so hard for these tests (3 days straight for each). and im still a dumbass. tell me that wont depress even the most optimistic-glass-is-half-full-slacked-jawed-sunshine-eating-chipper mutherfucker.

[2] constantly reminded that im anti-social = bad for self esteem
well obviously i dont fit in with those smart fuckers
alot of the ppl i kick it with are still people i knew from high school
not norcal enough for norcal, not socal enough for socal, where tf do i belong?


how many of these series are a cohesive trilogy?

star wars
indiana jones
jurassic park
el mariachi
back to the future
the matrix
die hard
lord of the rings


EECS Madman: fuck man my life is a mess
EECS Madman: i have no clue what is going on
naryantek: ahahaha
naryantek: its like all of us
naryantek: dont worry abot it
naryantek: HT: "ey yo, dont worry bout it"
EECS Madman: look where that attitude got him
EECS Madman: down to inventing the crutches
naryantek: LOL
naryantek: hahahhahaha
naryantek: that fool was so fucking random hahahhhaa
EECS Madman: hell yea
naryantek: hahhaha his little blueprint on matchbooks n napkins
EECS Madman: dood u didnt see his circuit diagrams
naryantek: lol
EECS Madman: drawn with a crayon
naryantek: what?
naryantek: HAHAHHAHAha
naryantek: hahhahaa
EECS Madman: with bakwards letters and shit

"All the glass in every pane in every window, everywhere, is in the infinitely slow process of melting, sagging, sliding down, except it would be unlikely that any one pane survive the millennia required to be reduced to a solid puddle." - William Gibson (All Tomorrow's Parties)

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