"Don't blame me. I was given this world, I didn't make it." - Tupac Shakur (Keep Ya Head Up)

unlike tupac, im not idealistic enough to believe in change. i get annoyed because social reforms happen slow. my impatience to see immediate results probably makes me more satisfied by drastic change. lets say by uh... revolution.

are you IN or are you OUT?


too bumpin not to share:

first 3 crystal method singles

DL it!

im mad good at procrastinating. somehow a 4 hr assignment managed to take 12 hours yesterday, while i intermittently watched the following shows on TV:

jessica alba's MTV diary
apocalypse now: redux
the real world: paris - last episode
don johnson's word of honor
the real world: paris - reunion
jurassic park 2
dragon: bruce lee story
blink 182 new album promo special
animal planet
some gayass chinese soap about a girl turning 18 and a dude who sold sold his bike so he could afford to buy her a bday present and now he cant make a living being a paperboy WHO THE FUCK WRITES THIS SHIT?? DO GIRLS DIG THIs!?!?

mustve been a guy the media corporates strapped down and injected with so much estrogen that it made him ~sensitive~ ... goddamn no girl is ever going to talk to me again, after they read this. haaa, im just playin ladies.

now im blogging while im supposed to be FINISHING personal statement. wtf is wrong with me. ive been in library browsing xangas and friendster and doing random google searches since 4pm, and ive only got a couple lines written. fugggg.

current music:
crystal method - born too slow
depeche mode - sister of night

"Sure, Bob." - Ronald Canaveral (circa 7th gade)


much anticipated crystal method showdates. i dont suppose any of you guys out there would want to spend new years eve with TCM? shows in LA and LV!

New York, NY
Saturday, December 6
WXRK Radio Post Party @ Centro Fly (1:00am - 3:00am)
DJ Performance

San Diego, CA
Friday, December 12
DJ Performance

Chicago, IL
Saturday, December 13
Spundae @ Vision
DJ Performance

Indianaplis, IN
Saturday, December 15
WRZX Radio Show
DJ Performance

Tucson, AZ
Thursday, December 18
City Limits
DJ Performance
** This is a make up show for a cancelled concert at the Rialto Theatre.
** Tickets are $3 advance, and $5 at the door

Dallas, TX
Saturday, December 19
KDGE Radio Show
DJ Performance

Tempe, AZ
Saturday, December 20
Club Freedom
DJ Performance
** This is a make up show for a cancelled concert at Nita1s Hideaway.
** Tickets are $4 advance and $5 at the door.

Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, December 31
Giant (10pm - 12am)
DJ Performance

Las Vegas, NV
Wednesday, December 31
Spundae at House of Blues (2 - 4am)
DJ Performance

credit to: http://www.thecrystalmethod.com/

naryantek: laptop. i could be anywhere.
sleepyx637: anywhere huh?
naryantek: yeah
sleepyx637: how bout on MY lap top
sleepyx637: haha
naryantek: HAHAHa u GAYass

sometimes i wonder if im the only straight guy left.

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