"Ergo open your yapper one more time and I'm gonna architect a world of pain all over your candy ass! ERGO! VIS-A-VIS! CONCORDANTLY!" - Will Farrell as The Architect (MTV VMA 2003 Matrix Parody)

the following excerpts are taken from ben sae-tang and are very well written. it describes the chinese mentality very accurately.


We were talking about culture in our Chinese class and how American culture allows children more trial and error in learning. When instructing the child not to play with fire, the American parent plainly tells the child. The Chinese parent will stand between the fire and the child, and the object of danger is always a mystery because of the parents guarding. Then they say "huo gai"' - you deserve it - when they touch it.

Chinese people rarely explain the mechanics / principle / motive behind something - it's always just "memorize it, it's good for you," or "Eat it, it's good for you," or "Date him, he's good for you." (No kidding, we've met many people that depend on horoscopes / soothsayers for everything here. From name-changing, to match-making, to the purchase of a house). So from when they're kids, Chinese hear "don't this, don't that," but this only creates an itch to discover exactly whats so "dont" about it.

American parents say "have fun today!" when dropping of kids at school, but Chinese culture says "pay attention, study hard!" Americans teach critical thinking, but Chinese people teach memorizing. My teacher told me that most people educated in Japan or China have difficulty analyzing articles - they can only recite it back to you. Ask them for the thesis, and they'll give you a paragraph. When they tell stories, they find it difficult to be dynamic - they'll tell it exactly as they heard it.

There's so much more on the Chinese mentality too - theres rarely any affirmation - only criticism. It's never "Wow, you got a 97%," its "How come you couldn't get the last 3%?" Furthermore, Chinese have a discontentment / inferiority complex. Since all the colonial powers during the 19th century, Chinese people have never been the same. They're always wondering if the Europeans, the Japanese, the Americans will beat them out. Thus, it's always "not good enough!"


why do they force feed memorization in chinese education?

radicalism is discouraged in chinese culture because it clashes with traditionalism. traditionalism is a deeply strong value in chinese culture, and its good in some respects to never forget where you came from. keeps you humble. but in my opinion, tradition is largely inefficient. traditional, conservative... you hold on to the past and are afraid to embrace the future, and accept change; let alone to ever aggressively pursue progress. i think this fucked us over bigtime during the 17th century through the 20th, when the western world was furiously changing. inventions, free thinking, a grip of revolutions, industrialization etc.

and we are still reeling from it. free thinking, critical thinking, straying form the norm, its all discouraged in chinese culture. totally un-nurturing. i see it in my parents. especially in my mom who never really figured out why she follows certain principles. she just tells me thats what she was taught, and thats what she was told was right. its not even religious morality because shes agnostic. sometimes i want to scream at her. why do you follow these things? do you ever question anything? sadly she hasnt, until being recently confronted by the infectious free thinking attitude of her 2 western raised adolescent sons. shes beginning to tear down barriers in her mind about drugs, sex, and youth violence. but shes waited 50 years to challenge those traditional chinese values. values? fuck. if i had to guess, id say they were programs from the machine world. shes still frustrated when trying to grasp the concept of religion. my dad, hes definitely a philosopher, so i guess not everyones stamped out the same.

anyways the point is that chinese traditionalism is inefficient in terms of social evolution. my dad made me practice writing chinese since i was 5. ive always complained that the chinese writing system was so slow and inefficient compared to any phonetic system. the only reason theyve kept it around is for cultural fondness. i love chinese culture. but i still think we have a cumbersome language system. anti-trailblazing spirit is also reflected in chinese art and music. abstract music like rock, rap, electronica? a chinese mind cannot pioneer such material. their music industry is still mired in pop-ballads the likes of old school jewel folk songs.

on the other hand, american culture is built upon screwing over tradition (aka england). a nation basically founded by outlaws and thugs, who welcomed change and didnt giva fuck! (im generalizing a bit here) if you look at how american culture educates and compare that to chinese traditionalism, youll begin to see what ben was referring to. and yes this is what screwed us over in the 19th century so that hella western sharks took bites out of mother china (macau, HK, etc). and thats why the chinese have an inferiority complex. on the contrary, the united states is a global trendsetter in art, technology, military, power... just about everything. its the american attitude to blaze their own trail and push the frontier. even those fools that ended up dying in jamestown back in the day had more balls than their wussy counterparts who DIDNT leave england. it takes a certain type of adventurous person to pack up house, and come to the states to replant their roots. and when you gather together a nation of individuals like that... then you got some dynamite potential. of course american superpower is doomed to wane. why? just as the chinese and americans have opposite fundamental attitudes, so begets opposite faults. as far as im concerned, the opposite of the inferiority complex that chinese have, is the ARROGANCE and cockiness which americans are known for. this will definitely lead to the fall of america, and the rise of an underdog (china).

ok disclaimer. i know i generalize alot in this thing. but take it for what its worth. theres also alot of factors im leaving out. my hands got tired from typing. its just my blog entry, not a formal thesis. i also know some of this shit is obvious if you are a history major. excuse me - i studied engineering.


search for self. day 1.

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I AM DONE WITH BERKELEY FOREVER. I FUCKING FEEL LIKE I LANDED ON THE MOON. im going to celebrate this happy moment by listening to some ataris.

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