last night i cautiously ventured outside of the upper east bay bubble to an area of more aZn infested persuasion... milpitas. as i left dave n buster's a license plate frame caught my eye:


i suddenly had a flashback of carlos flashing westside vigorously with both hands like he believed that shit, while leaning halfway out the side of jaako's accord as it drove by me... yelling:


i guess they still holdin it down out there los.


naryantek: what u up to
kurupt27ls: trying to get tried so i can pass out
naryantek: oic your whackin it
kurupt27ls: dude
kurupt27ls: you dont have to say it
kurupt27ls: cum on
naryantek: well you made it obvious enough
naryantek: god, i dont need to know exactly when youre whackn it, its too much
kurupt27ls: my bad
kurupt27ls: wasnt very tactful of me
kurupt27ls: im typing with one hand right now

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