geeeeeee (4:21:00 AM): chiggen tittes
geeeeeee (4:21:23 AM): chicken mcTITTIES
geeeeeee (4:21:43 AM): aLL NATURAL white meat

geeeeeee (4:09:53 AM): burps
naryantek (4:10:00 AM): any noodles lefT?
geeeeeee (4:10:22 AM): n000dle?
geeeeeee (4:10:26 AM): NEWDO?
geeeeeee (4:10:32 AM): NUDO?
naryantek (4:15:27 AM): NEWDEW?
naryantek (4:15:34 AM): NEWDRE?
naryantek (4:15:37 AM): NWA?
naryantek (4:15:50 AM): NEWDEW MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!
geeeeeee (4:15:50 AM): FUCK THE POLICE!
naryantek (4:15:58 AM): GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGUNNIT!@
geeeeeee (4:16:20 AM): geeeNUT
naryantek (4:16:29 AM): berkNUT
naryantek (4:16:39 AM): WALnerkeley
geeeeeee (4:16:53 AM): bezerkley
naryantek (4:17:00 AM): beelzebub
geeeeeee (4:17:00 AM): COCKER FUCKER!
naryantek (4:17:04 AM): WTF?DD!
naryantek (4:17:07 AM): HAHAHHAA LOL
naryantek (4:17:17 AM): beetlejuice
geeeeeee (4:17:25 AM): cumjuices
naryantek (4:17:30 AM): god man
geeeeeee (4:17:38 AM): hahahaha
naryantek (4:17:42 AM): lol
geeeeeee (4:17:42 AM): and you said i wasnt drunk
naryantek (4:17:49 AM): wtf u want me to say to cumjuices
naryantek (4:17:58 AM): if u want porn from me just ask
geeeeeee (4:18:07 AM): hahahahaha
geeeeeee (4:18:11 AM): silence = defeat

another show (grabbed from anand's profile)

future sound of london
living legends
the cure
basement jaxx
paul van dyk
the crystal method
ferry corsten
eyedea & abilities

2 day festival (5/1/04 - 5/2/04) @ indio, CA - $70/day



allyp0o: shit
allyp0o: i knocked my computer
allyp0o: like with my chari
allyp0o: and its making a weird buzzing noise now
naryantek: knock it again
naryantek: the buzzing is some loose fan
allyp0o: i did
allyp0o: its still there
naryantek: keep hitting it like its your bitch
allyp0o: i aM!
allyp0o: my arm hurts
naryantek: well smack it around and show it WHOS BOSS
allyp0o signed off at 9:51:04 PM.

HuNNie DeWdrOp (6:34:46 PM): why are u sick all the time?

Auto response from naryantek (6:34:46 PM): license to ill.

HuNNie DeWdrOp (6:34:49 PM): r u ok?

lol. sorry emily.


drungken munk ee (9:43:16 PM): yeah, it's already gotten so bad that i can't really even begin to trick her. she'll kick my ass for sure.
drungken munk ee (9:43:43 PM): and when i restrain her physically, she does that cold-shoulder deal. i hate that cold-shoulder deal.
naryantek (9:44:43 PM): damn shes got you under her thumb.
naryantek (9:44:48 PM): HER THUMB!
drungken munk ee (9:45:28 PM): let's not talk about thumbs, my thumby friend.
naryantek (9:45:56 PM): huh
drungken munk ee (9:46:05 PM): you are sure to be the professional in that department; you know alice's thumbs better than she does.
drungken munk ee (9:46:08 PM): biooootch!
drungken munk ee (9:48:09 PM): silence = defeat.
naryantek (9:51:47 PM): GAY
naryantek (9:51:51 PM): you are so gay
naryantek (9:52:02 PM): i was in the bathroom and you had a mini contest with yourself
naryantek (9:52:11 PM): and i still dont get why im a pro with thumbs
drungken munk ee (9:53:32 PM): here:
function alice(person stan) {
if (!stan->whupped)
stan->whupped = 1;
else if (stan->confident) {
stan->confident = stan->confident - 1;
} else {
printf("%s is so under %s's thumb!",stan,alice);

drungken munk ee (9:53:45 PM): as you can see, the function is endlessly recursive in nature.

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