me: cmon DMX or ludicrus?
alice: DMX


efforts to contact carlos have failed:

naryantek (10:22:57 PM): stop beating it, i know youre there
car LOCO 69 is away at 10:33:31 PM.

i know youre reading this los!

alright who invented garden gnomes?!!

sleepyx637: velvet lounge
sleepyx637: just like my velvet ass
naryantek: yes

(couple minutes later)

sleepyx637: maybe he'll be feeling velvet penises
naryantek: wtf
naryantek: whats with u n velvet
sleepyx637: HAHA
sleepyx637: i dunno
sleepyx637: cuz you're goin to velvet lounge
sleepyx637: dayam yo, you're quick wit the blog
sleepyx637: HAHAHAHHA, that rome quote is hella funny

naryantek: heard u went clubbing with ryan
EECS Madman: i just finished beating off, now i have nothing to do
EECS Madman: yea werd
EECS Madman: i saw some lakers benchwarmers

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