(on a chairlift sometime this season)

steve: (staring at a double black diamond) how do you think they make moguls?
stan: they smoosh a snowman. like one of calvin's deranged killer snow goons.
steve: (still staring at moguls) yeah id like to see that army of snow goons before they smooshed them.
stan: (turns to steve) you fag.


first conversation with los in awhile. showing it off as proudly as ryan:

naryantek: thats only like an hr away from u right?
car LOCO 69: yup, but i can make it in 44 minutes
car LOCO 69: flat
car LOCO 69: WUT

naryantek: u know me n jeff be movin outta the bay soon
naryantek: crazy huh
car LOCO 69: dude
car LOCO 69: everybody needs to get out of california for awhile
car LOCO 69: it's too big of a bubble

technology trends that have exploded during my time in college:

digital cameras
LCD monitors
cell phones
mp3 players
broadband internet
wi-fi internet


as much as i love being home and around the people who matter most, walnut is a box that skews my global perspective. i need to be in an environment that constantly reminds me that other areas are not as rich, comfortable, homogenous, and conservative. its a love/hate relationship. walnut definitely seems smaller these days.

*credit to a similar entry i read by froer (robin kim)

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