UC Berkeley rhymes part tres:

the math major vs. the bioengineer.

naryantek: thats riht, at least i copped them first.
naryantek: like a horny 7th grader under the bra
drungken munk ee: it's cool 'cuz you can have 'em i'm consistent like cosine.
drungken munk ee: dah.
naryantek: well just remember that bitter taste of victory be me, in your mouth like the tequila with a lime
drungken munk ee: ha
drungken munk ee: i can't be duplicated or factored like a prime.
naryantek: dont make me bioengineer a fucking clone to smoke you til u just a thousand bones


pointless conversations:

naryantek: ziiiiiioooooonnnn iiii
drungken munk ee: oh shit. sat?
naryantek: sat at 9 @ down low
drungken munk ee: down low on your knees, girl.
drungken munk ee: that's right.
drungken munk ee: knees.
naryantek: lol
naryantek: wtf?!
naryantek: what does that have to do with zion i?


EECS Madman: we got blazed
EECS Madman: and went to a hiphop battle thing
EECS Madman: but all the mc's were wack
naryantek: with danny right
naryantek: styles of beyond
EECS Madman: yea!
EECS Madman: but danny started booting uncontrollably
naryantek: how was styles?
naryantek: LOL
EECS Madman: and we left at like 11
naryantek: u serious
EECS Madman: and never saw styles
EECS Madman: ahahah
naryantek: omg thats fucking early!
EECS Madman: yea man
EECS Madman: and like later that night
EECS Madman: he was packing a $5bill into the bong
EECS Madman: and i was like WTF?
EECS Madman: and then he says oh sorry
EECS Madman: and starts packing a $1 bill instead
EECS Madman: ahaha


learning slang is the coolest part of learning a new language. i think you can learn so much about a culture from its slang.


my brother recently lost everything in a could-have-been-prevented hard drive failure with the notorious IBM Deskstar 40 GB.

HY paspee D: its that i needed my data
HY paspee D: and my pics
HY paspee D: and my emails
HY paspee D: and my docs
HY paspee D: and my stuff
kurupt27ls: and your pr0n
HY paspee D: no i got all that
HY paspee D: lol
kurupt27ls: i like how u have your priorities set

nothing like some good old jacky classics late at night. i know i sound like a fag.


props to nonphixion for making their 2nd album more underground than the first (is that possible?!)

i wanted to share a line from jedi mind:

"Liquid crystal colloidial membranes responding to the spectrum of the universe intelligence matrix." - Jedi Mind Tricks (Books of Blood - The Coming of Tan)

WTF. i wish i could write dope ass rhymes like that. these guys are from philly, as are the roots, the mountain brothers, and other ear-friendly hip hop acts. totally makes me want to move out there.

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