congratulations to BioE 2004 graduates: Susan, George, Calvin, and Jon Wang.

simplify life, less to lose. it surprises me that i think with that kind of attitude. the problem is that we are all so automatically defensive, no one trusts each other anymore.

btw the golden age of wu-tang is definitely over. and fixing up cars is definitely a suburban hobby.


i am turned off by competition. of course im guilty of it. but i never understood those people who are overly competitive. in fact all through high school and college, i think those types of people annoyed me the most. the problem is, a big chunk of people you meet will fall into this category. it must be instinctive to be competitive - something leftover from the monkey, survival of the fittest. except now that humans are domestic, competition just translates into bragging rights for someone who likes to talk trash.

competitiveness in recreational activities can be the worst. for me, it sometimes takes the fun out of what was supposed to be a relaxing activity and replaces it with a pressure we already experience too much at work and school.

ok this entry isnt really going anywhere. i think all in all, lets just conclude that im a lazy guy who is too lethargic to really put effort into competing with others. im also pretty sure i got my "lazy gene" from my dad. that guy is pretty damn lazy. but my brother could be worse.


life is one long weekend. with lots of alcohol.

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