car LOCO 69: it's actually really entertaining
car LOCO 69: it's just a bad bad movie
car LOCO 69: here's a transcript of one part:
car LOCO 69: helen of troy: "i can't do this, paris. it isn't right"
car LOCO 69: paris of troy: "that's not what you said last NIGHT"
car LOCO 69: (theatre: OOOOOhhhhhhhh)
naryantek: HAHAAHHAA

car LOCO 69: brad pitt is the only one who saves the movie
car LOCO 69: he's fucking badass
car LOCO 69: a little kid comes up to him and goes "achilles, you fight so well, i could never fight like you"
car LOCO 69: he turns to the little kid and goes
car LOCO 69: "that's why nobody will ever remember your name"
car LOCO 69: and he rides off
naryantek: HAHAHHAHAHA
naryantek: LOL
car LOCO 69: hahahhahahah


release dates:

6/15/04 : beastie boys - to the 5 boroughs
8/16/04 : the prodigy - always outnumbered, never outgunned

its been like 6 or 7 years for both these groups. should be good. has anyone checked out the new method man?


my gf is awesome. she can predict naruto plot lines before they happen.

prohibition is such a foreign concept to me. i cant imagine alcohol being illegal.

"If you screwed a white chick, do you think that would get rid of our minority underdog complex?" - J. M.

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