car LOCO 69: i'm getting addicted to the butt washing toilets
car LOCO 69: i sit there and wash my butt for a full 3 minutes
car LOCO 69: i can't get up


naruto quiz working again. see link on previous post.

old entry: 11/1/02

Someday I'd like to take 2 years off from life. Shave my head. And travel the world with just a pen and a journal. To walk the road less taken. I would see things that are shocking, disturbing, mysterious, and beautiful... and let it shake my sense of reality. Then I would write about it. I would discover my true self. I would discover my true perspective. It would probably be a life changing experience, but we'll see if this dream ever happens. If it doesn't, I'll have to live with the fact that I may be living a stranger's life.


its been a year and a half since i wrote this, and it seems like some ppl are way ahead of me. i was supposed to go to the east coast for grad school, but now fear being land-locked in claremont forever... without an ocean view! (fuckers) the sense of urgency is precipitated by those around me who are busy traveling:

george: my roomate left today for 21 day urban safari (frolic) through europe
JM: other roomate is going to taiwan for 3 weeks
carlos: other old roomate got to japan yesterday
jeff myung: in emeryville, CA haha - makes me feel better
alice: gf is going to DC next week for the second summer in a row
randy canaveral: with china under his belt already before me, hes going to egypt and greece to ride a freakin camel by himself and pretend hes indiana jones
mike park: in korea with a couple yobos
shirley: in paris
julie: leaving for NYC tom
stanley: alot of naruto, then bahamas in 2 weeks, possibly chicago in july


Which Naruto character are you?

I'm Naruto.



its challenging to keep up with pop culture trends. who can keep track of all the new and different movies, video games, TV shows, music CDs, radio shows, commercials, electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes, music videos, cell phone mods, car mods, computer mods, anime, books, and comic books out there. and this is just in the states, what about the stuff thats popular in europe and asia (a mutually exclusive other set)? new things are released everyday and it floods the market. those little high school kids will run circles around me. and then theres the other extreme: my parents have only seen the first matrix and lord of the rings movies - and they didnt understand either. how important is it to be updated? how much of our conversations revolve around movies and music and this stuff? given, im a pop culture junkie in my own ways. im starting to feel more out of touch as we get older.

speaking of pop culture, i can vouch for los that TROY SUCKS. dont see it. also see previous post.

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