permuations of the following elements on google will allow you to dig up info on virtually anyone:

1. first name, last name (a not-so-unique ID)
2. e-mail address (a unique ID)
3. AIM screen name (a unique ID)
4. xanga, blogspot, livejournal (keywords)
5. college affiliation (keyword sensitive to resumes & CVs)
6. friendster (or any of the other acquaintance-er sites like facebook, myspace etc)

i discovered this formula by googling myself. here's a test:

- if you google 'Stanley Lee' you get a bunch of crap that has to do with every other Stanley Lee in the world that is already famous

- if you google my UCB e-mail 'leemur@uclink4.berkeley.edu' you immediately get to my shit, thats cuz no one else has my e-mail address, duh, ok move on.

- if you google my AIM SN 'naryantek' you get to the blog because of all those pointless conversations i have with steve, carlos, and david - and because AIM SNs are also unique

- lets try a permutation with a keyword, if you search 'leemur blogspot' you also get the blog

- sometimes college affiliations help, and if all else fails theres friendster

- people with generic names, e-mails, AIM SNs are probably effectively invisible to a google search

try it on yourself, youd be surprised.

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