<---- parental warning was long overdue.

ok so with that being said, another random thought: do you think married men get to whack it at all? and im not talking about the newlyweds who are banging their wives 7 times a day. im talking about the guy who tied the knot 5-6 years ago, maybe has a kid or two (sounds like james haha). i mean you got no privacy, and according to steve older "married couples only have sex to procreate". so how are men weaned off such an integral part of their adolescence? do you settle for the shower like kevin spacey in 'American Beauty'? does computer pr0n become a luxury for when SHE isnt using the family computer? i shudder.


car LOCO 69 (2:30:58 PM): my friend laurie who is blind, is one of the best dressers i've ever seen
car LOCO 69 (2:31:02 PM): every color always matches
car LOCO 69 (2:31:07 PM): and she has a perfect body
car LOCO 69 (2:31:12 PM): i always imagine that as quite strange

how?? how is it possible to dress well when you are blind? was val kilmer well dressed in 'At First Sight'? (i never seen the movie cuz it looked cheesy as fuck) different colors dont feel or smell any different to me. i know if i was blind id run around in a loincloth just cuz i can.

*edit, i dont have beef with my family. it was just a random thought.

kurupt27ls: btw...if u ever watch ants...they ALL run into each other
naryantek: yeah WHY is that
kurupt27ls: its like they saying wassup

family dynamics are highly magnified... the drama, rumors, and rivalry. you know EXACTLY what im talking about.

while waiting for the bus today, i observed 2 ants run into each other on the red curb (emergency zone)... where were they going?

on the bus, i saw a blind woman wearing earrings today and wondered how much the blind care about their appearance. since its something they can never see... it essentially does not exist to them, right? their sense of beauty must be that much more abstract and unclouded by superficiality. very cool. we should all spend some time being blind.


location: Berkeley, CA - powerbar building on shattuck

my work has a contract job to give the following website a completely new facelift:


this will require 3-4 weeks of solid work, and is a limited time appointment. they want the work done before school starts (mid August). applicant must be extremely proficient in HTML and able to work with diverse group of scholars, administrative staff, and professors. must be able to start ASAP.

i need to know by FRIDAY JULY 2 - if you are interested or they are going to post the offer online and make it open to the public. they want the work to start ASAP, email me if you are interested: leemur@berkeley.edu

(while driving to claim jumpers earlier this evening)

steve: yeah id rather have kids early, when im like 26.
stan: man, thats helllllaa early. i dont think id be ready by then.
john: ch'yeah, i dont even have a girl, so...
steve: yeah step 1, is secure the girl.
john: yeah right on, secure the girl.
steve: yeah you need a womb first before you can have kids.
stan: (proceeds to laugh at the womb part)


i think dreams are the craziest virtual reality simulators ever created. they feel so real, you can never tell the difference. if by some combination of hypnotic suggestion and drug induced trance, we could create and remember vivid dreams - i would open up a business like REKALL Virtual Vacations in the movie total recall. does anyone know if sigmund freud has already tried shit like this? maybe we are approaching virtual reality the wrong way with all this computer stuff.

on second thought, ill just settle for vivid videos in the meantime.


kurupt27ls: if vasquez had long hair
kurupt27ls: would u rack her
naryantek: nah man
naryantek: what the fuck man
kurupt27ls: stanley...dont lie to urself man
naryantek: nah man im serious, she a man!
kurupt27ls: "look, i only need to know one thing: wheres the cock stanley?"
naryantek: lol hahahhahahaha

vasquez from ALIENS:

"Look man! I only need to know one thing: where they are."

attempt #0:
jrey77: yo do you know a guy named lionel
jrey77: from walnut
naryantek: yeah
naryantek: why
jrey77: oh he's my gf's cousin
naryantek: lionel bao
naryantek: has a little brother named richard?
jrey77: yea haha lioniel richie

attempt #1
naryantek: yeah and i just noticed
naryantek: lionel and richard
naryantek: you guys wouldnt happen to be named after lionel richie would u?
rainthink111: hahah
rainthink111: wtf

attempt #2
kurupt27ls: hey
rainthink111: ?
rainthink111: wut
kurupt27ls: i got something to ask you
rainthink111: ask
kurupt27ls: and u gotta be straight with me
rainthink111: ask
kurupt27ls: aiite?
rainthink111: ask?
kurupt27ls: did your parents really name you and richie after lionel richie?
rainthink111: omg
rainthink111: fag
rainthink111: no
rainthink111: fag....i tabbed out of a sc game so u can ask that gay shit?

the many faces of bill paxton:

true lies: i gotta tiny dick, its pathetic.
aliens: game over man! game over!
terminator: nice night for a walk. wash day - nothing clean.

he was also in predator 2. that means bill paxton sets the record as being the only guy that has been killed by a terminator, a predator, and an alien (IMDB). that makes him pretty cool in my book.

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