recruiting ppl for:

where: san bernadino
when: 7-17-04
who: all of wu-tang, redman, dilated peoples, sage francis, eyedea & abilities, supernatural, chali 2na & DJ nu-mark (of j5), fantastik 4our, DJ mark luv, DJ icy ice, DJ abel, and more!

daaaaammmn son? how much?
$27 pre-sale (June 18 – 20)
$32 on-sale (June 21- July 16)
$37 day of show (July 17)
$75 VIP


i dont understand this guy:

drungken munk ee (7:34:48 PM): alright, lemme approximate some R, matey.
drungken munk ee (7:35:17 PM): when i take breaks from homework, i end up making up riddles and puns with my variables and functions.
naryantek (7:35:32 PM): thats probably the geekiest thing ive ever heard
drungken munk ee (7:35:47 PM): in numerical analysis, you can really talk like a pirate, 'cuz you work with the R-variable a lot.
naryantek (7:36:04 PM): theres a guy on our team dressed like a pirate??
drungken munk ee (7:36:34 PM): and i noticed that finite-iteration on g using newton's method can be abbreviated FIG Newton.
naryantek (7:37:00 PM): lol
drungken munk ee (7:37:06 PM): or guess how we denote the standard error of x...
drungken munk ee (7:37:06 PM): SE(x)
naryantek (7:37:17 PM): omg im audi
naryantek (7:37:27 PM): piz-nates
drungken munk ee (7:37:46 PM): no, wait! there's more!
drungken munk ee (7:37:46 PM): stay! you know you want it!
drungken munk ee (7:37:47 PM): you yearn for it!
drungken munk ee (7:37:47 PM): hunger!
drungken munk ee (7:37:47 PM): hunger!
drungken munk ee (7:37:51 PM): blub blub blub.
drungken munk ee signed off at 7:37:55 PM.

i have been having the worst insomnia for past 2 weeks. its driving me berserk.


remember the glory days of image comics? when mcfarlane, jim lee, liefield and erik larsen were gods. fresher, cooler superheroes to replace the aging DC and marvel alternatives. the art was so badass. me and my bro would walk to the comic book shops everyday after summer school. who remembers obscure ass characters like UNION. i forgot about him, until he popped up in the stormwatch issue im reading right now (i picked up 40 old comics at frank & sons for 50 cents apiece).

take a jog with me: savage dragon, spawn, youngblood, wildCATS, deathblow, WETWORKS, the deathmate series w/ valiant, sam kieth's the MAXX, pitt, cyberforce, shadowhawk (lol), and jae lee! that fool's style was so twisted. fucken sick whenever he drew namor or grifter.

so revisiting my childhood, i googled image comics and find out that most of the classic image has faded away. everyone broke away to start their own companies, and some titles migrated to other companies. sure ive seen witchblade and the darkness around, but it aint the same. those were the days.

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