@*&#($()@#*@ power surge fried my hard drive!!! any help or suggestions are appreciated.


Goodbye Berkeley! Thanks for the memories!

What, this old thing?

I've learned more in the past 5 years than I ever imagined.

singapore airlines flight attendants. tall, slender, and skinny. all have perfect skin and dolled up in a tight fitting chinese dress. man, sure helps the company image and makes me want to fly them again. PLUS, they speak perfect english with a slight british accent which is pretty hot. oh yeah, and perfect mandarin too.

im talking about the female ones of course.


i just got back from a pep rally of sorts sponsored by the democratic national
committee - i got to hear democratic leader nancy pelosi speak - she
represents the sf district and if the democrats win the house in the fall, she
will be the FIRST woman speaker of the house! isn't that awesome?

you know being here in DC makes me feel really active, i want to go home and
volunteer with rock the vote and make sure that all my friends and everyone i
know is registered. its so important that we take advantage of our right to
vote and appreciate this freedom and privilege that many take for granted. i
don't care what anyone votes, just vote! voice your opinion and let it be
heard, don't just sit back and be apathetic and bitch about what you hate
about the government.

ok i'm juiced. lets get your friends to register too yeah?

alice :)

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