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the chronicles of rid's dick
grand theft anal
anal management
wet dreams may cum 

welcoming suggestions, im running out of material. kurupt gets credit for most of these.

the porn identity
the italian blowjob
the booncock saints
in diana jones

can you guess the theme of this post?


naryantek: i had to explain to alice once the bright side
naryantek: at least it doesnt get any raunchier than our group of friends
car LOCO 69: i'm sure she found that comforting dude
naryantek: we're pretty much as gross as it gets i think
naryantek: i think she rolled her eyes
car LOCO 69: well i always think so too right
car LOCO 69: until we meet up with jerome
car LOCO 69: then i'm like
car LOCO 69: damn we ain't even skimmed the surface dawg
naryantek: HHAHAHHAHAHhaAH
car LOCO 69: hahahhahah
car LOCO 69: i mean that fool testin' out right now for ASS
car LOCO 69: i wonder if he'll nail that 177
naryantek: support JEROME
naryantek: LSATS FOR ASS
car LOCO 69: for sho fo sho

car LOCO 69: and by the way
car LOCO 69: i'd rack vasquez
car LOCO 69: in a second
car LOCO 69: same with sarah connor
naryantek: goddamn
naryantek: all u vasquez lovers
car LOCO 69: you just haven't seen the light yet dude
naryantek: shes a man!
car LOCO 69: no she ain't
car LOCO 69: she's a fucking sex animal
naryantek: hhahhHAhahhahAHA
naryantek: wheres the cock at?
car LOCO 69: hahahhahahhAH
car LOCO 69: i'd rack that android winona ryder too
car LOCO 69: i'd fuck her robot brains out
naryantek: well winona is a diff story
car LOCO 69: you know she got d cups?


naryantek: would u rack ripley too?
car LOCO 69: in the first one
car LOCO 69: definitely
naryantek: oh with the little skimpy undies
car LOCO 69: exactly
car LOCO 69: showing her ass crack
naryantek: hahahHAHahhaha
naryantek: omg im gonna be in so much trouble when i post this shit
car LOCO 69: hahaAHAH

yes we are men. leave us alone.

some low-life named carlos avila sent me this site:

here are some excerpts:

Can I make you some breakfast? Would you like a beer? How about a blow job? That's O.K. Baby, you can watch the football game while I satisfy you. Anything for my BIG Daddy.

If you don't find the g-spot, I won't orgasm. If I don't orgasm, you won't orgasm ever again.


stop laughing - u guys are so insensitive and tasteless. lol.


naryantek: well isnt LTD all men
WUO MAK CUO: so.. lotsa irvine hunnies out there
naryantek: yeah hold down the fort , im going to be busy cleaning sock drawer

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