The Poonies
Joy Fuck Club
Band of Brothels
Around My Dick in 80 Days
Mickey Blue Balls
The Way of the Cum
Pulp Friction
Cruel Insertions

-from wislom

ok thats the last one, im not posting up anymore.


david enters the fray:

kurupt27ls (10:44:21 PM): bevery hills cock 1,2,3 starring eddie furry
kurupt27ls (10:44:37 PM): die-hard on
kurupt27ls (10:45:42 PM): dyke club
kurupt27ls (10:46:19 PM): masterbatuer and cockmannder : far side of the whore
kurupt27ls (10:47:05 PM): ocean's 11-way
kurupt27ls (10:47:33 PM): A.I. : anal intrustion
kurupt27ls (10:47:50 PM): training teens day
kurupt27ls (10:48:02 PM): good will cunting
kurupt27ls (10:48:19 PM): hoe-mento
kurupt27ls (10:49:08 PM): black cock down
kurupt27ls (10:50:01 PM): three-way kings

note time stamps, rapid fire brainstorming.

now enter ryan chen:
hoe white (and the 7 midgets)
white tricks
ghost lusters
men in back
whore of the rings: fellowship of the (cock) ring
the seX-men
monster balls
passenger 69
school of cock

alright i think im going to shut this down so i have control of my blog back.

this blog is a living breathing organism that writes itself, i am merely the vessel.

from wislom:
whats love got to do with it (no change)
the rodfather parts 1, 2, and 3
hoes on haunted hill
deep InPacked
blow (no change)
crouching penis hidden pussy
top cum
the masturbatrix
the cunt of red october
bending over beckham
moulin splooge
bring it long
tupac: res-Erection
the shawskank redemption

from stanley:
password: swordfight
frisky business
disney's fucktales, starring: scrooge mcfuck and launchpad mcqueef

wilson says this has become a competition, so bring em on. winner gets title of most perverted male ever.


recent submissions:

gangbangs of new york
when harry ate sally
the sopornos
XXX files
eat the parents
how to do a guy in 10 minutes
the boner collector
the wizzard of ooze
the sexorcist
apoclimax now (and apoclimax now: re-fucks)
-by jm2

Snowball: A True Cum Swapping Story
The Whole Nine Inches
Sex with the City
-by wislom

the sperminator
-by sleepy

citizen kock
saving ryan's privates
american history XXX
the cunt of monte cristo
the sixth sensual
full metal jack-off
run lolita run
forrest hump
monster tentacles inc.
sex toy story
sex toy story 2: fuzz lightyear to the rescue
snatch (no change)
lock cock and two smoking barrels
play-mate of the apes (actual title i saw on skinemax)
beauty and the beastiality
the unfuckables
-by leemur

slutty woman
a fuck to remember
10 things i want to do to you
-by the lice

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