data recovery complete.
data recovered: 100%


Stewie: 8-6-7-5-3-0-9. That's it. No wait that's not it. Damn you Tommy Tutone!

ive had an endless string of trivial but extremely annoying bad luck since i moved out of berkeley 3 weeks ago.

-power surge fries 70% of the parts in my computer incl 2 HDs, and also part of my linux box
-attempts to piggyback HDs onto my brothers computer causes it to crash
-phone lines at house in walnut break down, and are still fucked up
-IKEA furniture breaks during installation and had to return that shit
-bought an IBM thinkpad and had to return it because they gave me the wrong config
-bought a DVD player that couldnt read a goddamn thing
-on returning DVD player, i forget a DVD inside and have to go back to retrieve it
-DSL modem at dad's work stops working for no apparent reason
-while running windows update on old laptop, it crashes and now reboots in an endless loop
-i break the gold chain ive worn for last 5 yrs by accident
-just found out right now that the "9" key on my new keyboard sticks with the "i" key and its extremely annoying to get extra i's every time i type a 9
-i re-order my laptop with correct config, and they say it wont be in stock for another 2-3 weeks

stay away from me, im a walking manifestation of the universe's unbalanced energy. ill bring chaos, calamity, and disaster to you.

i hope i have better luck with data recovery, a project im starting tomorrow.


listening to old school warren g and dre in my room on a summer night gives me the craziest nostalgia back to 8th grade.

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