last night was like a segment of eyes wide shut minus the disturbing kubrick-esque (u like that carlos?) christmas tree in every scene.

man whats with the motorcycles? in 1 hr i saw 20+ motorcycles. i had no idea bikes had caught on so much down here. i have been away for way too long.

"I'd go against a tank wit a shank for my dreams." - Dead Prez (We Want Freedom)


worst dialogue ever:

this one is from 2 fast 2 furious.

(Roman Pearce and Brian O Connor are speeding down 95 South somewhere in Florida in separate cars)

Roman Pearce: "Lets see if you still got it Brian." (he cant hear you dumbass, hes in the car in front of you)
Brian O Connor: "Alright, Rome. I got something for you brah."
Brian O Connor: "Watch this."

(proceeds to turn car backwards and continue driving in reverse - camera cuts away to wide angle so we cant tell its a stunt driver and think its still paul walker at the wheel)

Brian O Connor: "WHOOOOOO! How you like dem apples!"
Brian O Connor: "That's the Brian O Connor school of driving!"

later on...

Roman Pearce: "He did the stare and drive on you didnt he? He got that from ME!"

lol. actually i liked tyrese's character, i thought he did a good job. but paul walker has about as much charisma as a piece of cardboard with a rusty staple sticking out of it.


the first day of school is tomorrow.

i havent been in school for 9 months, so "this may feel... a bit weird" (Morpheus - The Matrix I). after being out of the academic cycle since december, they are plugging me back into the matrix - reinserting my body into a system of control. school's always been a game for me, but im hoping at the graduate level i'll actually learn something useful.


would you believe me if i told you i feel nothing. the fact of the matter is im still on vacation. feels like school is just a pit stop between friends. ive been having so much fun chilling with everyone that its not really gonna hit me til i show up tomorrow.

so what school is stan going to again? ohhh claremont or some shit?

thats so vague. its actually called the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), one of the 2 grad schools at the Claremont Colleges. i know nobody has heard of this school so here's their website:


KGI is the nations first school dedicated entirely to the melding of biotechnology and business. they give students the option of obtaining an MBA at the same time and are well funded and connected.

moving home i thought it would feel like waiting to go back to berkeley, but not at all! i fell right into place at home. i do miss the bridges, water, and breeze very much. i also miss the bay's urban-ness. walnut feels like pleasantville in comparison. but its comfortable. and the suburbaneity is like taking soma - im so relaxed and comfortable and having so much fun that i care less each day about 'keepin it real' as we did so hardcore in berkeley. my parents have already gone to work at eroding the values ive picked up in college. it takes some work to maintain identity. i can see it now...

in 2 months carlos and myung will call me a sellout. "LA's made you soft homie" carlos would say. to which id reply "yo its LA! (whispers) its all pretend!"

shouts out to others starting new chapters in their lives:
myung starting law school in st. louis
nate starting law school in boston
geraint starting law school at NYU
alex starting law school at hastings
jenny starting med school in boston
david wang with his new job
david song with his new job
alice starting UCLA education credential program this fall
mary doing education program at USC
jerome graduating from cal poly (and studying for law school)
jerry engaged to lino's cousin elise (while studying for law school)
los first time single since ive known him
emily starting grad school in DC
jon wang starting business school at purdue
james having a second kid this month
karen leaving for peace corps
larry starting grad school at texas tech
randy going off to teach english in china for a yr
tseng starting podiatry school in oakland


"wilson is like a part of my brain that i dont want to admit exists." - gene su

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