wow has it really been 3 years already?

ever since 9-11 it feels like the united states has been hurtling recklessly towards some unknown cataclysmic destiny. i remember being woken up early like everyone else. a couple of pajama-clad roomates with tousled bed hair huddled around the living room TV at 7am. a scene being re-played simultaneously at colleges all over the nation. i caught the clip of the first plane slamming into the towers on my way out to my 8am class.

i got to class on time. my lab partner chattered excitedly about "did you see what happened on the TV?" i looked to the TA for acknowledgment of the attacks, but to my surprise he didnt mention it at all and we went through the entire 3 hour lab session as if it was a normal day! that sorta pissed me off. then i went to the FSM and gravitated towards the TV in the lounge, joining the huddle of 50 other students. one person came up to me and asked "whats going on?"

apparently he hadnt heard yet.

i debated whether or not to show up for my ethnic studies class. my professor, ronald takaki, a famous ethnic studies professor, was politically involved. i thought he might have something to say about the attacks to abate my confusion. my roomates thought the same and joined me even though they werent even in the class. i remember clearly takaki with his head hung low, not even looking at the class. he shook his head from side to side and said "what does it all mean?" as a tear rolled down his weathered face. then he dismissed us and said he couldnt go on today.

the rest of the day was a blur. carlos called alex, who said parts of the NYU campus had been converted into emergency shelter. i emailed one of my professors to tell him the events of the day had disturbed me enough that i couldnt really concentrate on my homework due the next day. he replied with something to the effect of: youll have to get a note from campus medical services to certify that your mental health has been disturbed. prick. i ended up grabbing someone elses homework from the box and quickly copying it half an hour before it was due.

(insert preachy morality lesson here)

i dont have anything insightful to offer here. thanks for reading.


sorting thru some old stuff that needed get cleaned up. man, things that mattered a month ago seem so irrelevant now. those last few weeks i was dicking around in berkeley... seemed like another lifetime. i got this whole claremont thing going on, and im being swallowed into it. school has taken off big time and im alot busier than i expected. i heard it only gets worse too. but im enjoying it - finally learning things that are useful!

apologies to anyone ive ignored since school started. ive gotta handle this stuff.

this winter i'll be in: shanghai, beijing, hong kong, taipei - starting dec. 19th, hit me up if you'll be in any of those places.


Some pretty dope shows are coming up in the next couple weeks. I was wondering if anybody is interested:

3 chances to catch these guys in the LA area next week. they are getting pretty old so i really wanna ch-ch-check em out, cuz it might be one of their last tours. i dont have any info on how much tickets cost yet.

(1) 9/11/04 (this sat)
7:30 pm
Cox Arena - San Diego, CA
w/ Talib Kweli

(2) 9/13/04 (this mon)
8:15 pm
Universal Ampitheatre - Universal City, CA
no Talib on this show

(3) 9/14/04 (this tues)
7:30 pm
Long Beach Arena in Long Beach Convention Center - Long Beach, CA
w/ Talib Kweli

10/8/04 (a friday)
7:30 pm
Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA
tickets: $16

10/29/04 (a friday)
8:00 pm
Bridges Auditorium - Claremont, CA <--- coming to my campus!
tickets: $30

I'm pretty definite about going to the j5 one for sure with a bunch of Claremont folks and whoever else wants to cruise. let me know ASAP so I can get you tickets before they sell out (they go on sale next week).


man another awesome weekend. lets do it again.


"All you ugly girls be quiet!" - Snoop Dogg (Projekt Revolution Tour)

also got to see koRn and linkin park.

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