lauryn hill is tight - got so much soul. if i wasnt so awesome as chinese already, id either be black or japanese. now give me some roscoe's.



im so pissed. went to bed at 3:15am, closed my eyes and tossed and turned for what only seemed like half an hour. i look at the clock and its already 5:30am! i gotta wake up in 3 hours and my room is so hot i cant sleep at all. its gonna be a long fucking day at school. this SUCKS. fuck, this insomnia is screwing me over bigtime. i was about to go insane trying to fall asleep and it not working. goddammit im so mad. leave suggestions to combat insomnia, i spent 2.5 hours trying to concentrate on a blank sheet of paper and it didnt work. &%^$#@*(!


haro! i am blog from in class. sank you!

PLINCLIN: a pirate walks into a bar and the bartender says, "hey did u know you have a steering wheel hooked on to your balls?" and the pirate replies "Aye, its drivin' me nuts!"

for a good time, listen to: crown city rockers - bboy


i got the ugly girls in st. louie bluuueesss....

naryantek (6:53:11 PM): hows is washu
EECS Madman (6:53:30 PM): man the girls are BOOT
EECS Madman (6:53:32 PM): poor jeff
naryantek (6:53:36 PM): damn serious?
EECS Madman (6:53:40 PM): like horrible
naryantek (6:53:45 PM): lol
EECS Madman (6:53:45 PM): like berkeley is paradise
naryantek (6:53:52 PM): WTF
EECS Madman (6:54:03 PM): maybe its cause i only saw the law school
EECS Madman (6:54:15 PM): but the girls in his class
EECS Madman (6:54:17 PM): fuck
naryantek (6:54:28 PM): waahahhahaahh
EECS Madman (6:54:34 PM): like pear shaped, midwestern farmer bitches
EECS Madman (6:54:38 PM): thats what it looks like

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