i was cleaning out my computer, found this old conversation from... april 24, 2000 (circa 2nd semester of freshman year in college)

EECS Madman: fuuuk, i'm high again!
naryantek: haha
EECS Madman: i hate them
naryantek: HAHHAHAHh
EECS Madman: they always make me smoke
EECS Madman: do i act my age?
EECS Madman: i feel like i'm actually a kid but everyone thinks i'm an adult
naryantek: hahahhaa
EECS Madman: ithink computers are evil
EECS Madman: they fuck up how humans operate
EECS Madman: like i talk too all they fooz back home, and never actually see them, they are reduced to a set of chracters on a screen, not even a living thing anymore
naryantek: omg im DYING
naryantek: stop
EECS Madman: why ulaugh man/.'
EECS Madman: ey keep a log of this conversation
naryantek: OF COURSE
naryantek: DUDe
EECS Madman: . so i can see what i say
EECS Madman: thi is my interior monologue
EECS Madman: i'm jes typing into a diary or someting



alice has officially joined me in SoCal. after playing fish out of water for 4 yrs up north, the tables have finally turned!


she is starting her Master's of Education + credential program at UCLA (RANKED #2 in the NATION - WUT) next week. incidentally she also got into teacher's college at columbia, but couldnt resist the lure of LA. dont hate cuz your gf aint as dope as mine.

nothing like a nice cool lazy socal sunday to loosen things up. it was breezy today. i havent experienced autumn in socal for 5 yrs. i am home.

immortality can be achieved not by extending your life, but by cutting it short. by bowing out at your prime, the top of your game, you can establish the type of tupac-esque-bruce-lee-jimi-hendrix-type mythos which will make you stay young forever in the eyes of the living.

besides. who wants those old fart years anyway? id much rather peace out early so ppl's last memory of me isnt as a frail old man who needs to pee 6x a night. so keep on stoging - youre doing yourself a favor by taking off the crappiest years of your life anyway.

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