dumbass bitch!

i told her "i dont want a fade" and she fucking gives me a fade and cuts my hair off. i was getting so frustrated watching her give me a haircut that was the complete opposite of what i asked for. so the hair i was growing out for last couple months is all gone, and im back to looking like every other asian dude.

lock up your little sisters. danny kim is on the prowl:

potato147: i need a 20 year old
potato147: hahahaha
naryantek: steves sister
potato147: oh hell yah
potato147: ahahahaha
potato147: jk
naryantek: LOL omg thats just sick
potato147: i only seen her once i dont even remember


through my new lab job, i have learned a few things:

1) i hate molecular biology lab work for the following reasons:
a. tedious repetitiveness of the work
b. tedious meticulous detail involved in the work
c. the sensitivity of biological materials makes them extremely difficult to handle/maintain
d. processing samples takes anywhere from 3-12 hrs
e. in most cases when you start a process, you have to do to completion with no breaks
f. takes alot of concentration to keep track of so many tools, calculations (makes me tired)
g. alot of wasted time waiting around for stuff to happen in between steps
h. high probability of fucking up some trivial protocol step
i. the dependency of subsequent experiments upon previous steps
- this means you can do a week of work and fuck up one step in between
and get NOTHING back (you basically wasted all that time spent)

2) i hate people in the sciences
a. anal
b. arrogant
c. condescending
d. boring
e. quick to get angry when you didnt catch something the first time around
(stereotyping - not all ive met are dicks, but a good majority are)

3) oh yeah, and ive learned a thing or two about growing yeast cells and extracting RNA from them


more jerome.

naryantek: oh shit
naryantek: live with your sister maybe?
EECS Madman: naw man
EECS Madman: i dun wanna here what goes on
naryantek: LOL
EECS Madman: hee hee
naryantek: bow chicka
EECS Madman: nooooooo
naryantek: HAHHAAHHAHA

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