steve on his new ibook:

drungken munk ee: fuck, it's tight. take the most hardcore unix system and the sexiest anti-aliased window system and you've got yourself panther.

(5 min later)

drungken munk ee: it's super-sexy and chicks always talk to me whenever i bust it out on campus.
naryantek: HAHAHHAHA
naryantek: your so lame
drungken munk ee: hey, i'll admit it. i got nothing else.

(couple min later)

naryantek: your the one who keeps talking dirty to a piece of hardware
drungken munk ee: yeah, that's how she likes it, though. i spread her keys wide open today to access her wireless antenna. then i undid her brackets while slowly thrusting my card into her slot.


MC HOT DOG is in town w/ free night.

oct 12 in anaheim
oct 23 in hollywood @ house of blues

contact stan.

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