i have a finance midterm on thurs that im very unprepared for. im still up studying for it. thanksgiving plans may be falling through, so i may have a free week in november with an itch to travel outside of california. maybe ill go up north again and snoreboard. i still have a free southwest roundtrip to use before december. anyone wanna buy it off me? make me an offer. i have to return a lamp to IKEA. im pretty delirious right now. i cant wait to go to china and bring back a bunch of DVDs. this weekend should be pretty dope if we organize it right. i have to meet with KGB chemist on friday. fack. we are seeing jurassic 5 this friday, and then nas on nov 19th. i wish i had some time to watch all the anime and movies i downloaded. school can be a drag sometimes. the work does not stop, it rains down just like drops outside my window right now. ok i really should get some rest. i wonder what my friends in the bay are up to these days. peace.


i had an awesome weekend, and in this moment i am happy.

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