this friendster testimonial about carlos is extremely true:

[start testimonial]
Carlos always claims he will take me out to dinner, but he never stays true to his word. Basically, he is a liar. He's also gay and likes to offend people. He only talks to me because I once told him about a big stash of kalbi in my freezer. He can also sing any song from old Disney movies. Can we say queer? Just ask him to belt one out for you. He will do it completely sober.
[end testimonial]

yes i had to bear it for 3 years. he used to do duets with ben as jasmine.


shock. surprise. grief. anger. confusion... the reactions to defeat:

allyp0o (12:25:25 PM): fuckin a
allyp0o (12:25:26 PM): i'm so sad

car LOCO 69 (12:18:00 PM): i'm gonna cry man

kurupt27ls (11:15:38 AM): im guessing this is probably how princess leia felt when she watched grand moff tarkin vaporize alderaan with the death star

all great empires throughout history have crumbled from corruption and arrogance. the US has already started its descent.


tomorrow is an important day. if you dont think so, please take a minute to read this. its from my good friend david. its time to wake up ppl.

[start transmission]
Let me start off first by saying that yes, this is a massmail. Let me say next that I am really, really sorry I have to dothis. Anyone who knows me knows I fucking hate mass emails telling meabout some quadriplegic African kid who has tuberculosis, dysentery,whooping cough, HIV, Ebola, one arm, and one leg, and that somehow ifI forward this email to five hundred of my friends I will miraculouslycure him of all his diseases and regenerate all of his limbs. This isnot one of those emails. I am not here to bullshit you with your timeor mine. Even though I haven't addressed this letter to each of youpersonally, I assure you the content of it is very personal to me.

I've come to accept most people don't give a flying fuckabout politics. There is widespread ignorance among our generationwhere if the subject matter isn't money, cars, clothes and pussy (ordicks) then nothing outside of this pathetically shortsighted view oflife can affect their distorted perception of reality. If you fallinto this category, this ends here, have a nice day, and sad to say,I'm sorry I know you. If you don't, if some, any part of you,regardless how small does actually realize there exists a worldoutside of the cushy suburban bubble we live in and there aredecisions we make in life beyond which club to go to next, then pleaseread on.

I am loathe evangelizing my political orientation to others,and I will not shit you, this is precisely what I am doing. If youfind it pretentious and arrogant of me to do so, you have my deepestapologies. But this election is far too important to just stand on thesidelines with my dick flapping in the wind. Most of you know I amgoing to vote for Kerry. That's no big surprise. Contrary to how theRepublicans want to portray him, he is a strong candidate, with solidbeliefs and a strong understanding of the issues at hand (if anyonewatched or heard the debates you would know this already). Do I thinkhe's FDR? No. But he has what it takes.

Which is what Bush never had, or ever will have. This is apresident that should have never been. Remember he LOST the '00election. But between his brother's state, his dad's supreme court,and some outright racist Republican voter suppression tactics againstminorities in Florida, he somehow managed to steal the presidency.Bush came into our rooms, fucked us in the ass in front of the rest ofthe nation, and got off because his brother was the judge, his dadappointed the jury, and no one believed the witnesses because theywere black. Not to mention the minor detail he used to be a fuckingcoke head. And while I'm not one to say someone can't be rehabilitatedof their addictions, please tell me you agree the leader of thefree-fucking-world should be held to a higher standard than theaverage Joe. I have no doubt he wakes up everyday grinning ear to earthinking about how he blew his load all over us, right before hesnorts his line of coke.

But what about now? Now Bush sits on a record deficit, a netloss in jobs, and tax benefits to corporations to outsource. Oursoldiers fight an illegitimate war in Iraq because Bush initiated itfor illegitimate reasons. I pay 40 bucks for a tank of gas becauseBush, Halliburton, and Saudi Arabia are in a perpetual circle jerk. Wehave a pitiful health care system with millions of uninsured Americansyet Bush tells me it's reformed. Bush rolls back environmentalstandards, pulls from the Kyoto treaty, and does not believe thegreenhouse effect is "sound science" but he swears he's Smokey theBear. He's raped the integrity of our Constitution with the PatriotAct denying our own citizens due process and due representation.Gestapo anyone? John Ashcroft. Adolf Eichmann. Abortion. Women's rightto choose. Gay marriage. Civil rights. Alzheimer's. Stem cellresearch. Genocide. Sudan. Weapons of mass destruction. Weapons ofmass disappearance. Vietnam. Iraq.

Tell me you think this is the right direction our countryshould be going, and I will not watch any porn for an entire year forserious.

Tell me none of this can or will affect you in anywaywhatsoever, and I will eat fish, eyeballs skin and all, for real.

Tell me in good faith four more years of Bush is good foryou and America, and I will crip walk down Crenshaw in my all bluechucks for true.

Politics is war without guns. And we are at war. Lines havebeen drawn and sides have been chosen. Now I ask you not to justchoose a side, but to represent it as well. Vote. Do not take thisright for granted. Ever. This is the fundamental right by which alldemocracies are based, and one millions have slaved, suffered, andshed blood for. The right and ability to choose our leaders. Failureto recognize this fact is a failure to honor those who made itpossible for us to exercise this right. Especially so since most ofyou reading this are a minority. If you've never voted before, I canpromise once you do, you will never not vote again.

I fully understand many people think because we live inCalifornia, a heavily democratic state, that voting is pointlessbecause we'll win the state anyway. We will win this state. That muchis true. But that is not an excuse not to vote, not to be heard. It'snot a matter of whether we yell; it's a matter of how loud we yell.And I'm going into this screaming my head off until my ears bleed outand my eyes explode.And I'm hoping you will do the same.



Below I've provided some reading should anyone need further convincingConservatives hate Bush too

Who a flip-flopper?

And relevant California voter information. The first is a link to adescription of all the propositions on the ballot, what they mean, andwho supports them. Take the time to read them and find where you standon each before going to the polls. The second is a guide to yourpolling location if you're not sure where to go to vote.


If you know anyone, and I mean anyone who might need a nudge in theright direction do not hesitate to forward this email to them.
[end of transmission]

according to my dad, chinese fortune tellers have already predicted kerry will win tomorrow. remember, you heard it here first.


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