car LOCO 69: if i had to estimate i would say, realistically
car LOCO 69: probably about 120 asians here out of 250 students
car LOCO 69: 4 are asian american
car LOCO 69: the other 116 are fobs
naryantek: factor in carlos exaggeration factor..... ill give u 100
car LOCO 69: i knew you were gonna say that
naryantek: lol
car LOCO 69: that's why i purposely exaggerated
car LOCO 69: HAHA
naryantek: HAHAHA
naryantek: touche


when im not looking, she hijacks a camera and leaves something random.

mondays to a whole new level:

nothing like a root canal at 11am to wake you up in the morning.

what a way to kick off the week.

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