i finished my first semester at KGI yesterday.

man, did i underestimate this program. i thought it would be cakewalk cuz my undergrad program was pretty difficult at times. so basically they require all first-year students to take 25 units of technical courses, and we have 40 hours of classtime with alot of homework... and ill just leave it at that. the volume of work was ovewhelming. i was at school 90-100 hrs/wk and didnt see my parents for 5 days at a time even though they live right down the hall from my room. last friday night there was 21 out of the 30 ppl in our class still at school at 2am! ive never seen anything like it. so yeah ive been MIA.

but now my captors have released me... for 3 weeks. im leaving for china tomorrow though. have a great christmas everyone. and happy birthday to all the december birthdays, im partial to you guys.

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