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beijing, wu xi, suzhou, hangzhou, shanghai.

what an amazing place. awash in the well preserved glory of my home culture, i have finally found where i truly came from - reconnected strongly with my roots and scrambled my asian american identity beyond all fucked up recognition.

ive heard the stories, but it hits you multitudes harder in real life to see how aggressively the country is pursuing modernization. in the last 15 years, they have vaulted onto the global stage with government subsidized capitalization... and making so much progress that the large cities are on par with taipei and hong kong. the kids are as trendy as the ones in rowland hts or shi men ding, and they party just as hard as we do in LA. wednesday and thursday nights? no problem - the clubs are jam packed. but no hip hop, chinese ppl will never truly understand the struggle of the black man. and i dont see them getting too innovative in the music scene anytime soon (mainland music sucks major dick).

being a minority in the US really fucks with your head. it is strangely liberating to be in a place where the politics of racial demographics have no relevancy. we spend so much energy fighting that bullshit (see 1. a timeline of carlos life; 2. the adventures of myung in st. louis). we bend ourselves backwards to adjust to caucasian agendas, and its never really satisfying. ever get tired of it? in china - everyone is chinese (obviously), everyone is racially equal. its weird to see chinese ppl be in charge of all power structures and also saturate the low menial jobs that we usually aren't relegated to here in the states. 1.3 billion strong... a nation as large as the US, but entirely run by chinese people. my people. keep an eye out. at this rate i believe they will surpass the US as a superpower in our lifetime. and when they do, everyones gonna want to learn chinese instead of english.

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