2005. cleaning out my closet.

is it possible to feel sorry for obsolete technology?

three pentium II MMX processors complete with RAM and functional motherboard. once top of the line... now forgotten. Award BIOS (c) 1997. i can throw in sound cards and ethernet adapters if you want, and an old connor hard drive i stripped off some compaq machine.

a dusty 10 year old joystick. how you served me well during rebel assault I and II. i dont even know if my current built-in sound card has the MIDI port for you to plug into anymore.

non-optical mice. a few non-wireless keyboards. made by Microsoft. i turn it over, and use a paper towel to wipe away the dust on its sticker: "Designed for Windows 95". the first natural keyboard.

Iomega ZIP drive 100. circa 1996? the original cerulean blue unit that piggybacks on LPT1. bought it when it first came out. was excited to have a non-linear backup solution for mp3s and games with capacity larger than floppies. have all the original cords and documentation.

"When old computers turn into junk, its just junk," my younger brother says, "Throw it all away."

that's alot of obsolete technological junk our planet is generating every year. i threw alot of it away. some i categorized as salvage and stuck into a pile in the garage until I can figure out what to do with it.


obsolete human relationships sometimes turn into junk too, and others are perhaps salvageable. what happens to all the faint acquaintances you meet in your life? you'll never meet them again, but they are living their lives out somewhere on this planet. i ramble. Iomega ZIP drive, i have hope for you yet haha.

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