so tao's sister's friend's boyfriend got kicked out of UCI a few weeks ago. a week later he wins $30 million in the lottery and goes WUT BITCH?! U DIDNT KICKN ME OUT, I QUIT!!

the lesson?

tao's sister's friend better start looking for a new man soon, cuz this dude sure aint stickin around when hes got $30 million of new options now. haha.



science is all about the details. its a microcosm where analness is awarded. thats what i hate about it the most. it also makes everything excrutiatingly difficult for a blunt-edged, absent-minded person such as myself. the time is:

6:01 am

and i have been up all night. still burning the midnight oil. second week in a row. i CANNOT wait until the summer when i get my life back. i cant freaking live like this.


happy year of the COCK. i mean rooster. this year i wish for peace on earth and goodwill toward all of mankind. kidding. its starting out to be a great year though. signing off... 1980 (year of the monkey).


got my X-ROM 512 gameboy advance writeable cartridge today. it lets me upload any gameboy ROM i download off the web into my gameboy SP. GYEAAAH! infinite nintendo games at the palm of my hand. with 512 Mbits, i can store a good amount of games on the same cartridge. i think the gameboy game selection is so much better than gamecube. ive been fucking around with this instead of doing my homework. sony is releasing the PSP in march, and its probably gonna fuck up the nintendo DS bigtime.

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