im gonna be at this. hit me up if you interested.

another all nighter. this is the third one in the last two weeks. last one was just this monday and it fucked me up bad. just to give you guys an idea of my days here: yesterday i got to school at 9am... and i didnt step outside again until 6am this morning... thats 21 hours straight i was at school for. on a REGULAR school night, we arent doing finals or anything, but i had 4 or 5 assignments due today and each one takes 4-8 hours to do... now i came home to shower and brush my teeth. and im going back to school now because i have class at 9am again that i have to go to... and i go from 9am - 5pm this afternoon. then i can probably go home and crash. im probably just going to sleep on a couch there or in my car until class starts. i dont dare sleep at home cuz ill never wake up again. on monday it starts all over again... i think i have 3 assignments due tues, and 4 assignments due wed.... WTF.


my god, apple is going to take over the world right under our noses and we didnt even see it coming. mass radiation of the ipod following the mini mac and the shuffle last month. they are milking it for all its worth. very smart. the ipod brand name seems indestructable. even shit like ipod socks! the midas touch. in case you havent read, apple released a bunch of new ipod models today in new colors and lowered the price for the mini down to $199, the sweet spot. making it pretty tough for other mp3 guys who hung at the $199 range for ppl too cheap to buy an ipod (like me).

in other news:
ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- Homosexual marriages are part of "a new ideology of evil" that is insidiously threatening society, Pope John Paul says in his newly published book.


its THAT bad.

naryantek: yeah man, i still dont know how bad st louis is
naryantek: its all abstract to me
j m 2 c a l: just step in your closet
j m 2 c a l: clothes the door
j m 2 c a l: and take in a book and a flashlight
j m 2 c a l: and don't come out for 6 months
j m 2 c a l: and tha'ts kinda like what my life has been like

4:24 am.
ants are still crawling in through my window.
dont these guys ever sleep??

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