naryantek: hey whats the opposite of christopher reeves?
WUO MAK CUO: christopher walken

lazy sat afternoon just like i remembered. i love it.


all nighter. still up and at school.


another all nighter. i have not slept yet.

detrimental to my health.

this morning at 6:15 am i suffered a very bad heartburn attack and had to run to AM/PM for some pepcid AC. ive never had heartburn before. its because all i have time to eat is the shitty fast food in claremont. everything is fried and has beans. and that smoking habit ive redeveloped sure doesnt help. or the stress. ive gained about 15 pounds since i got here. my other classmate said he gained 30 lbs since school started, and he was a varsity football athlete in college. i wont get to go home tonight til 10pm when my classes end. gonna be a looong day...


if i spent the amt of time i did on school this year on something else, i probably couldve acquired some cooler skills like:

1. rapping skills
2. art skills
3. fluency in japanese, cantonese, taiwanese, and spanish
4. guitar skills
5. turntable, breakdancing, and beatboxing skills
6. couldve picked up skateboarding or surfing
7. and lets not forget nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

this post is a complete waste of time and probably going to lead me to improve my procrastination skills.

i had some time this weekend to study NIN for coachella. interesting group/person - i never had the chance to get into them before. my naive impressions for now: some too noisy for me. others are clangy and mechanically sterile - like the terminator soundtrack. some experimental tracks that almost fringe into trip hop i dig. some lyrics remind me of jonathan davis from korn. some other tracks remind me of 80s electro funkish depeche mode for some reason, dunno if its supposed to - that was more from his first album which was pressed in '89, so maybe he had that influence. the perfect drug is a cool song. i still havent listened to the fragile which is their more recent CD, will prove interesting to see how the sound has developed since 1989, i think i liked perfect little hate machine better than the downward spiral. also intriguing how my NIN journey led me back to marilyn manson whom trent reznor produced for antichrist superstar. i guess i will take a look at the old marilyn manson stuff and re-examine the (anti) christian imagery from a post-undergraduate perspective, that should be fun. sorry this rant is so dry.


mental breakdowns of my fellow classmates:

(1) jon jung (http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=jonnysilknuts)
the other news is that school is starting to make me go crazy, weekends start to blend with weekdays, everything is a blur and all the same. my personal time is invaded by work from school and my life has disintegrated into nothingness. all that i can think about is what is due the following week and whether i've remembered to do everything i need to do. on top of the insane module assignments, internships are driving me insane. with no work experience, i'm not sure i'll be able to get an internship that i'll enjoy and actually learn something useful. today i looked at the burton website and thought to myself "why didn't i try and do an internship there when i was at berkeley?" the business courses at our school are the most interesting, yet they only fill 25% of the curriculum. we have made complaints about the workload and the curriculum, but nothing will be changed until next year at the earliest, leaving us screwed for now.

this weekend i'm going home to give my roots presentation at the sf chinese culture center. this weekend was supposed to be a somewhat free weekend, but the module starts tomorrow and apparently its the WORST module of the first year curriculum so i'm about ready to get an ass raping. on top of that, i have a presentation to work on due tuesday. i just want it to be spring break already. this is insanity...just plain insanity. i am counting the days until the end of this semester when my worries will be gone and i will have an internship. who knew school could be this stressful?

(2) victor chang (http://www.xanga.com/skin.asp?user=vicx116)
All jokes aside... it's 4:15am right now, and we're still at school. Last person that went out to smoke said that there are still half of our class's cars in the parking lot.

It's one thing if a couple of slackers wait until the last minute to finish assignments, but does it not say something about the workload if half the class busts out all-nighters at least twice a week? I mean, in undergrad... all-nighters before midterms or finals is acceptable and sometimes understandable. But all-nighters every week? And it's not like we go home and mess around during the day and come back at night. We spend all day here: come in at 9am, lectures/labs/seminars until 4 or 5, then we're basically in the computer lab or a classroom or conference room until... now... and we're not even done yet.

Iono... I know I signed up for this... but I would love to have just three days a week where I can go to the gym... this finely-tuned machine has not been in the shop in quite some time.

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