life happens.


today i read about ipod indie broadcasting in WIRED and was intrigued.

im on spring break and sleep 12 hours a night.

ive been spending lots of time visiting the gf at UCLA. didnt believe her when she said UCLA sucked compared to berkeley in her huffy-bay-area-pride voice (she can be so stubborn sometimes). so i went to see for myself. and was surprised that bruin walk sucked compared to sproul. if the school has 40,000 students, where do they all hang out?

anyways the highlight of saturday's hip hop show was a guest appearance by killa kela who just tore up the stage. if u guys dont remember who killa kela is, he's the human beatbox from the UK. about 2 years ago, there was an internet link of him that was being passed around like crazy. him and MC zion did some impromptu shit that was pretty tight. nonphixion was a bit disappointing live. and we didnt get to see souls of mischief cuz everyone was tired.

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