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gonna be in newport today for a school formal/graduation party. then study like a madman the entire week. next weekend: coachella. hit u cats back the weekend after.


war between me and vic:

1. stanley and vic playfight
2. stanley hits vic too hard
3. vic gets bitchy and throws my nalgene bottle under jons car
4. vic: "go get it!"
5. vic gets into his car and tries to leave
6. stanley stands behind vics car and refuses to move
7. stanley gets susan to go under jons car to get the bottle for him
8. after 20 mins of car engine running and not being able to back out of his parking space, vic runs over to my car
9. vic takes pants off and rubs bare ass all over my unwashed car
10. stanley hops into vics car and drives off with it
11. stanley and vic declare truce... until next time.


Vicx116: w00t
Vicx116: w( o )( o )t


friendly conversations.

FroggerTAO: dude lemme tell you somethign....HS girls are HOT
FroggerTAO: hahaha
FroggerTAO: i was at LAfit...and some HS chick walks in....and working out...i was like "please boy...no public boners"
FroggerTAO: haha jk
naryantek: YES U SICK f
FroggerTAO: did that wake your ass up?!
naryantek: lol
naryantek: LOL
naryantek: i think thats going on the blog
FroggerTAO: fu
naryantek: yeah thats riht, im throwin salt in your game
FroggerTAO: haha but seriously
FroggerTAO: HS chicks are bangin hot
naryantek: LOL
naryantek: yes so said a famous jerome one time also

naryantek: hows work
naryantek: whacking it?
naryantek: we end may 20
sleepyx637: yeah
sleepyx637: reading bourne legacy
sleepyx637: watching movies
sleepyx637: dling music
naryantek: lol reading bourne legacy?
naryantek: any good?
sleepyx637: i just left for an hour to go to autozoine
sleepyx637: not bad
naryantek: goddamn, u getting paid to do this???
sleepyx637: i finished the bourne ultimatum last week
sleepyx637: theres 4 books in the bourne series
sleepyx637: LOL
naryantek: all during work?
sleepyx637: yah
sleepyx637: hahahaah


i think most of u guys remember my string of computer bad luck back in august. well, i guess lightning does strike twice in the same place. my maxtor hard drive has only been in use for 8 months. this computer NEVER crashed. it was fucking robust. i thought it was indestructible. then four weeks ago it hung once or twice for the first time. this wasnt abnormal for a windows system since my old computer crashed all the time, but i did notice it cuz usually so stable.

so... i backed up, defragged, ran scandisk. everything is fine. thought its probably a software problem so i ran the updates. then continued using it fine for a few weeks. then this week it hung once or twice again. now i was getting wary. made a note to backup asap. was gonna do it today, but when i booted up:


FAAAAAAK! i was able to strip most of the data off at dave's house. but its just a bitch to rebuild the system again when im so busy. gonna have to rely on laptop for now. i do resent the fact that these things happen to me so often. i blame it on running emule 5 days a week straight without turning it off for the last 4 months.

i can prob get a new maxtor under warranty. but i dont trust them as much as i used to. i need hard drive suggestions: western digital or seagate? which model #? i need 120 GB.

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