was up til 8am this morning designing a microfluidics MEMS chip. yeah it was off the hook. also took a 2 hour break and watched kingdom of heaven.

kingdom of heaven mini review:
Not as good as Gladiator because Orlando Bloom is a bland, feminine actor whom you can no longer disassociate from Troy bitchiness. Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix were just a great combination of actors to play each other's nemesis, and each painted their roles well. Also the epic scope of Kingdom of Heaven is so grand that it threatens to dwarf the characters and stifles character development. The movie runs like a history lesson (which can also be a plus, since I had little knowledge of the era it was mad fascinating to me), a LONG 2.5 hour history lesson with Lord of the Rings battles. Now on to the good stuff, the film is RICH, and beautifully detailed. Each scene is like tourism, there is so much stuff to see and the costuming is well done. Many good shots by Ridley Scott and some interesting transitions (times like these, wish I had studied film). It succeeded in evoking a sense of adventure much like the old Indiana Jones movies. Also, Jeremy Irons' Tiberias character was badass and my favorite in the entire movie. He was a proud character, tough, but glory faded. And the recreation of Jerusalem was dope. You can see Ridley Scott doing what he did best in Blade Runner by creating that detailed world where his characters inhabit. Templar knights walking through a bazaar in Jerusalem with vendors selling random shit and little kids running behind the soldiers. Horses and oxen. Fucking dope. Anyways, it was a decent watch. I spent the rest of the night reading up on the Crusades and Saladin and the foundings of Muslim religion.


last night as i was taking my pencil and paper based stats final, i erased something i needed by accident. instinctively my hands immediately formed the keystroke for CTRL-Z.

Tobin's Spirit Guide. PKE meter. Who am I?


just got back from Coachella. heres a list of the bands i got to see:

The Bravery
Arcade Fire
New Order
Nine Inch Nails
The Prodigy

i had lots of fun. now im exhausted. school at 9am tomorrow. good night.

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