i was explaining to my mom over a typical dinner table discussion how we were designing the MEMS chip for my project and had to calculate the dielectrophoretic velocity of a moving cell within the microfluidic channel. then we digress into physics and the universal laws of minimizing free energy, the universe's tendency towards more entropy. and talk about how human beings are really just a compressed way of organizing the universe's information content. how biology equals chemistry which equals physics which is really just math. eventually we delve into atomic composition and my dad concludes that its basic elements the proton (+) and electron (-) constantly seek to balance each other out... much like yin and yang in confucian philosophy and buddhist teachings. then things got REALLY deep as he began to explain how astrophysics actually confirms buddhist theories because the decay into entropicness is a manifestation of the saying that "the only constant is change" which i guess siddhartha figured out thousands of years ago meditating under a tree. when you die, your body decays and becomes the atoms from whence it was created - entropic decay. THEN he started preaching about how buddha teaches individuals to jump out of the cycle of decay, by allowing their soul to transcend to a place where the rules of degeneration no longer applies. right about now i was thinking this conversation reminded me of the heaven's gate cult and a zion i song. it got serious, then we laughed it off.

and proceeded to bag on how the Catholic church is so big-brotherish and shady.

FYI - moms an accountant

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